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Outdated Marijuana Laws = Stifling Democracy?

Voters in neighboring Missouri have legalized recreational marijuana. Meanwhile, Kansas remains in the minority of states where medical or recreational marijuana is not allowed. A...


Canadian Hemp Credit Union

When you get a file hemp A Credit Union On Your Corner Nothing seems impossible. Canadian hemp though legislationThe banking business of cannabis producers...
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Hemponix retail store opens Friday at Willmar

Hemponix will open a new cannabis store and e-commerce/warehouse location this Friday at 1425 First St. S. in Willmar, according to the Hemponix Facebook...

Royal Emerald Pharmaceuticals partners with BioHarvest Sciences to bring disruptive cannabis solutions to companies conducting FDA-approved medical research

This collaboration ensures consistent, first-of-its-kind cannabinoid formulations for 575 DEA-licensed medical cannabis research organizations to develop treatments for post-traumatic stress disorder, pain management, anxiety...

Large Tent Greenhouses that you can buy online for Less than $1000

We all know that in many occasions the space we have for our crops and gardening work is not enough. Optimizing to the maximum...

Portuguese police return cannabis flower after acquittal in drug case

Portuguese law authorities have returned 40 kilograms of cannabis flowers to a businessman who was acquitted of drug smuggling charges in April. The return of...

Illinois plants industrial hemp to improve water quality

Decatur, Illinois, has included the cultivation of acres of industrial hemp for soil treatment and erosion control as part of its plan to improve...


The marijuana store charges are obscene and untraceable

A recently published report on how cities and towns use fees charged to marijuana retailers in their communities has raised a number of red...

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