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How to determine your ideal CBD dose: Factors to consider

First time visit to a medical marijuana dispensary tips and tricksOnce you get a medical marijuana recommendation from a state-approved healthcare provider, you...


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Cronos pulls the plug on its US hemp and CBD operations

Cronos Group is the Canadian cannabis company Withdrawal from the US CBD market derived from the hemp plant. advertisement The Toronto-based company said the...

Minnesota governor signs marijuana legalization bill into law

Minnesota's governor has signed a bill to legalize marijuana, making it the 23rd state in the United States to end a cannabis...

Expansion of medical marijuana in Texas failed in the Senate

An effort to expand a medical marijuana program in Texas Beyond Low THC CBD Oil Failed in the state legislature. And Austin television...

California officials are awarding more than $50 million in tax-funded community reinvestment grants for marijuana

The state announced Thursday that California officials have awarded more than $50 million in tax-funded community reinvestment grants in marijuana. The governor's office...

Minnesota officials are seeking a marijuana licensing contractor to prepare for certification even before the governor signs a reform bill

Minnesota officials are already asking sellers to help build a licensing system for recreational marijuana businesses β€” even before the governor officially...


A new clinic has opened in Tempe

One of the largest locally owned producers and suppliers of quality sun-grown cannabis, Sunday merchandise The second-ever retail location has officially opened in...

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