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Legal cannabis linked to fewer industrial hemp poisonings

Vancouver, Washington - Synthetic cannabinoids, the dangerous designer drugs known by street names like K2, Spice, or AK-47, appear less attractive in states that...

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Matt Platkin approaches New Jersey attorney general’s approval of Phil Murphy

The Senate Judiciary Committee has approved the nomination of Acting Attorney General Matt Platkin for the full-time role. The committee vote sets the stage for...


Denver poll question may increase marijuana taxes for out-of-school learning

An initiative proposing that Denver increase recreational marijuana sales taxes to fund out-of-school learning stipends will appear in November's ballot, according to the...
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Zimbabwe is opening up the local market for CBD as a traditional herbal medicine

Zimbabwe has opened the domestic market for CBD as a traditional herbal medicine, expanding on previous laws that allowed production only for export. The Zimbabwe...

Money Doesn’t Grow on Leaves: Investing Cannabis for Dummies (and Non-Dummys)

When people learn that you are a cannabis advocate, there are a range of reactions. Nervous laughter bordering on doubt may be more common....

Your turn – new alert system, alcohol, marijuana laws in effect

Following up from last week's newsletter, I wanted to update voters on further legislation passed the 2022 session which is a law in the...

Argentine Supreme Court approves medical cannabis cultivation

In a case that is sure to resonate around the world, the Argentine Supreme Court decided to allow parents of sick children to grow...

Playing catch-up in Latin America, Peru finally has a bill on cannabis

A bill under review in the Peruvian parliament would exempt industrial hemp from the country's drug laws and legalize cultivation and processing below the...


Will CT have enough capacity to meet demand when recreational sales begin?

When Connecticut launches a recreational marijuana market for adult use this year, it will balance two problems that plagued other states when it launched...

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