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Heavy Hitters launched their first Trichome Cannabis liquid dye


The result is a pure, potent liquid cannabis distilled with distinctive bright Acapulco Gold flavors and supreme luxury.

For decades, it has been California The cannabis community is demanding something that wasn’t there. HVY Grand offers a full-size tincture that features one authentic strain, a pleasing flavor profile, and a full-bodied rise previously only found in inhalation trials.

“We listened to our family: customers, friends, and retail partners who asked Heavy Hitters the impossible. Working with industry leaders and experts, we were finally able to pass this cannabis milestone,” he said. Matt Martinez, Head of Innovation at Heavy Hitters.

Named one of the “Greatest Breeds of All Time” High Times MagazineAcapulco Gold is a storied strain, coveted by cannabis lovers since the 1960s. Acapulco Gold lives up to its reputation as being ‘almost top notch’, giving HVY Grand its vibrant brain effects.

“By creating a cannabis alternative to unattractive cannabis tinctures, we are creating a new category that challenges norms,” Martinez said. “HVY is a breakthrough for patients and for everyone California Hemp community. We dedicate this to all the pioneers who made the day possible for heavy speculators,” Martinez continued.

HVY Grand will be sold exclusively in a limited edition 25NS– Anniversary collectible chest featuring magnified 3D images of cannabis by Eric Christiansen (EricNugshots), Instagram’s favorite cannabis photographer. Limited customization of 500 units available to choose California Starting clinics October 28, 2021.

Packing 1,000mg of THC in each custom 1,000ml/1L bottle, HVY Grand is sold for $ 200 (before taxes) The ultimate collectible cannabis product is sure to become the holiday season.

Heavy Hitters is owned by the Mammoth Distribution Company. HVY is bottled at Spacestation.

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About Heavy Hitters
Los AngelesBorn, family owned and operated since 1996, Heavy Hitters are a true original among the hemp brands. Heavy Hitters continues to push the boundaries of cannabis innovation. Their ever-growing brand portfolio includes one of the best-selling premium vape cartridges in CaliforniaAlong with a variety of foods, concentrates, and pre-rolls. Heavy Hitters products are exclusively distributed by Mammoth Distribution and are available at California top dispensaries.

About the distribution of mammoths
Headquartered in Los Angeles, Mammoth Distribution is the largest distribution company in California. Mammoth specializes in cannabis concentrates and vape products that are independently tested and guaranteed to meet or exceed California Strict standards. Mammoth is also the owner of cannabis brands including Heavy Hearts and Almora Farms. For more information, please visit the website: mammoth.org.

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Avan Media
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