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How CBN Can Help Your Sleep

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Cannabinol (CBN) is a secondary cannabinoid now known as the sleeper cannabinoid. Others have referred to it as the miracle sleep aid. The moniker is a result of CBN’s ability to induce sleep. A recent study conducted in 2021 highlighted the ability of CBN to treat many forms of sleep disorders. CBD helps those with sleep problems fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Overall, CBN improves the quality and quantity of sleep, and as a result, most users wake up feeling energized and refreshed. The side effects from CBN are minimal and are well tolerated by the majority of users. CBN Benefits Don’t End With sleep promotiona job. Besides explaining how CBN affects sleep, this article also mentions other benefits of CBN that we will explore comprehensively in the following sleep article.

Let’s get started.

What is a CBN?

CBN It is one of the many types of cannabis that are produced in hemp. Usually, it is found in small amounts in cannabis strains. These strains include Animal Cookies and Ice of Spades. CBN is likely to be present in higher amounts in aged cannabis that has been exposed to heat and ultraviolet light. This is because over time THC degrades into CBN.

Is CBN Psychoactive?

CBN is slightly psychoactive; 90% less psychoactive than THC. Most users enjoy the mild euphoria that comes with consuming CBN. When that good feeling starts to wear off, users are more likely to find themselves drifting off to sleep.

How is CBN different from CBD?

As much as both CBN and CBD cannabis, they have different chemical structures and this affects how they interact with the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Ultimately, this affects the effects it produces. For example, CBN is considered moderately psychoactive, if any, while CBD is not.

While CBD is abundant in most cannabis strains, CBN is not. CBN is only available in abundance in mature cannabis that has been exposed to heat and ultraviolet light, as this process allows THC to be broken down into CBN.

CBN and sleep

Research now shows that CBN is a sleep-promoting anesthetic. A 2021 study (released at the International Cannabis Research Society (ICRS)) conference supports the efficacy of CBN in treating insomnia. [1] In this study, participants were shown a water-soluble form of cannabinol obtained from the cannabis plant. All participants had sleep disturbances. The CBN improved overall sleep duration and quality for all participants. They were able to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. The participants were also able to progress well from one stage of sleep to the next. As a result, participants were able to wake up rested.

A previous 1995 study in mice also showed that CBN can be used to initiate sleep and increase sleep duration. [2]

CBN and REM Sleep

REM sleep is a stage of sleep important for memory and learning. REM stands for rapid eye movement. In this stage of sleep, your muscles are relaxed and your breathing, blood, and body pressure are well controlled. As a result, you get that restful and deep sleep which is beneficial for restoring your body and mind.

CBN is effective in helping you reach longer and deeper sleep states in the third and fourth stages of your sleep. CBN can provide fast results. Most people report that they get the restful sleep effects of CBN within 20-60 minutes.

Additionally, they reported waking up feeling refreshed and rested the next day. It is not important to be a frequent user of CBN to get the sleep benefits. You can start using CBN today and continue to receive benefits.

Although the evidence we now have on CBN is still preliminary, it lays the foundation for future research to confirm the sleep-promoting effects of CBN.

How to consume CBN

CBN can be consumed in various ways which include the following:

  • tinctures
  • the food
  • gum
  • capsules and tablets
  • Threads
  • splatter
  • Smoking and/or fumigation

CBN is still a relatively new product on the market. With the growing interest around this cannabis, we expect to see more CBN products on the market in the near future.

It is best to consume CBN for bed an hour before bedtime. This gives your body enough time to adjust to the CBN before the full calming effects begin.

CBN side effects

CBN, like CBD, has few side effects. When they occur, they may include:

  • Diarrhea
  • Unexplained tiredness and dizziness
  • Weight changes

To prevent some side effects, follow the recommended doses of the CBN product you want to take. It is also important to start with the lowest dose possible so that you are aware of how your body will react to CBN and any other hemp or cannabis product you may be trying.

CBD vs CBN vs THC for sleep

CBD, CBN, and THC are psychedelics that can be used in various degrees to promote sleep. Of the three, CBN appears to have the strongest sleep-inducing properties. Additionally, CBN has milder psychoactive properties than THC, and this makes it a better alternative for many. CBN can be combined with CBD to enhance sleep-improving benefits through the mechanism of encouragement. CBD can also be combined with THC for similar effects. The combination of CBN and THC for sleep has not been studied publicly/professionally yet. Sleep-promoting Terpenes such as myrcene and linalool can also help to enhance the sleep-promoting effects of CBN. Therefore, those who have tried this cannabis have found some success in combining cannabinoids and cannabinoids turbines.


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