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Rapid City issues first medical license for medical cannabis dispensary

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Rapid City, SD – The city issued its first temporary license for Bovey’s medical cannabis dispensary at 3310 Campbell Street.

The temporary license allows companies to apply for a government license.

December 31 is the deadline for license applications. After that, registration certificates will not be issued until after January 1st.

The city will issue 15 licenses, with a lottery to determine who gets the license if there are more than 15 applicants.

“If we don’t have 15 applications and temporary licenses issued by the 31st, all applications sent to the state will be automatically approved,” explained Pauline Sumption, CFO. “As long as it meets state requirements. And then, after January 1, it will be first-come.”

Applicants and city officials alike certainly feel the urgency to finish applications by the December deadline.

However, the experience was actually a very positive one, with both sides getting to know each other a bit more.

“We stick with some of these applicants, because they want to do it right. This is very important to them,” said Vicki Fisher, temporary communications development manager at Rapid City. “So they come back to our office time and time again to make sure they have everything we need. It was a real positive experience for all of us.”

If more than 15 applicants participate in the race, the companies selected in the lottery will have 14 days to obtain the final license from the city.

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