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Will Pakistan join the cannabis and green hemp campaign by the end of 2022?

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New information about a country or state preparing to enact favorable laws for the cannabis industry is sparking a wave of excitement for cannabis enthusiasts. Why this stimulating news? This is because we already know that cannabis has more to offer the health sector than how it is currently used.

We also know that decriminalization and de-legalization are a stumbling block that prevents people from experiencing the bliss that marijuana offers by alleviating certain health challenges. More so, when news like this about cannabis reform comes from a A conservative nation like Pakistan, then presents another opportunity to ask the US government, “What are you waiting for to legalize marijuana at the federal level?”

Pakistani pledge to move forward with legalization

Pakistan has now joined the long list of countries subject to the legalization of marijuana that appears to have been sweeping across many countries recently. Some experts believe that these countries have been waking up to missed opportunities with cannabis over the past ten years. At the same time, others believe that countries are only looking for ways to make money from cannabis revenue after being hit by the negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Regardless of their reasons, we recognize that there is a wave of marijuana reform happening at a faster pace than what came before. So, as the world works toward a pandemic-free future, nations are beginning to ask, “What can cannabis do for us both economically and medically?”

At a recent meeting of the Science and Technology Committee of its National Assembly, Shabeel Faraz, Pakistan’s Minister of Science and Technology, touched on the value of the global marijuana market in a few years and the role Pakistan is keen to play in it. Beyond that, the Pakistani government is ready for it Start growing hemp on an industrial scale. Initially, the supplies will be shipped into the country with greenhouses constructed in various parts from Islamabad to Lahore and Karachi. Hemp production has also been legal in the country since September 2020 (for medicinal and health uses).

Pakistan is taking proactive steps there as already, and has begun trials of hemp oil (Just like Germany is doing right now), and the government is set to approve four cannabis growing sites. The government also plans to ensure strict control of the process, so that materials are only exported based on the authorization of strict global watchdogs. So the Pakistani government has done its homework and is clearly ready to formalize the process through a legislative framework by the end of 2021.

A Brief History of Marijuana in Pakistan

The latest move by the government of Pakistan is a move based on the impact of recent global marijuana reforms taking place in different countries. But in addition to this global moment, cannabis has a long and rich history in Pakistan and even India (Pakistan seceded from India to become a state at the end of World War II).

hashish It is consumed in its smoked form (karas) and liquid (bang). In the 1980s, there were criminal laws against substances such as marijuana, which were due to pressure from former US President Ronald Reagan. Since Reagan’s influence on hostility toward cannabis, politicians in Pakistan have not changed their stance on substance even in the face of compelling evidence and research that helps mitigate certain circumstances.

Even some old-fashioned politicians argue that cannabis is against their Islamic beliefs. This is because marijuana use has been documented in ancient and historical mystical and Hindu texts. The medicine is still used by mystics as part of their religious worship, and they believe that it provides relaxation and opens the mind.

In the 60s and 70s, Pakistan was an interesting stopping place on the Hippie Highway, and even the cannabis market in Peshawar, which is why many popular strains originated from there. Marijuana grown in this part of the world has a stunning purple and gray color and can be quite tall when grown. Currently, Pakistan is ahead of India in terms of formalizing the marijuana market.

Experts are already predicting that India will follow Pakistan’s lead, which means other countries in the Middle East and beyond that have been reluctant to do so may give it a chance. This is incredible news for the global marijuana market. The more countries positively reforming cannabis laws, the easier it will be for marijuana to become accessible to more people who need it.

Why is this new development so interesting?

This news is very interesting because Pakistan has an abundance of Marijuana strainsThis is the type of cannabis that grows naturally in the wild. This also means that the strains are stable and the plants will be of high quality, matching standards all over the world.

Hence, Pakistan is poised to become a valuable exporter of these powerful cannabis strains to the rest of the world. The seeds are useful for exporting materials, and since the seeds are already on the planning board, they are set up to increase production near Rawat.

There are also different ways in which the cannabis plant can be used, and Pakistan is clearly seeking to explore all of these avenues. When cannabis is native to an area, it can be a sustainable crop because it helps in the economic development of the host country, which is beneficial for both dedicated and emerging markets.

Pakistan is no longer holding back from joining the global cannabis discourse, and this is a positive sign that its neighbors may also be willing to take the same step. Cannabis is once again making headlines in a country that many experts did not expect to flourish. Pakistan is leaping into a bright future for the marijuana industry, and it is bound to succeed. Keep a close eye on the official announcement at the end of the year and see how other ultra-conservative countries follow suit.

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