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Hemp harvested in 2021, according to American farmers

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The nation’s first and final assessment of our legal crop – the 2021 Hemp Harvest Report—It can be made more specific by a series of interviews and colorful profiles of actual, living, breathing pot growers. (They are just like us!)

Below, Leafly polled cannabis growers from across the United States on how 2021 will come. Many of them have crushed it. Read their answers.

How did the growth go this year?

Bruce Marlowe. (courtesy of erez)

“We had a great year. We are in the process of completing the expansion, planning to expand again, and everyone here takes so much pride in the work we do.”

—Brice Marlowe, 32, second shift manager, AresAnna, Elle

Alan Hackett. (courtesy MD Farms)

“We have had good harvests and problems this year, but overall progress is there. We have experienced change in weather, gradual water degradation, obsolescence of our staple strains and transition to new strains.”

—Allen Hackett, 34, founder, MD FarmsSalinas, California

(Courtesy F5 Farms)
Evan Marder. (courtesy Fleur)

“2021 has been our best year so far and we expect it to continue into 2022 and beyond.”

—Evan Marder, 51, Director of Agriculture, FlorLas Vegas, Nevada


The new cannabis plant harvest report ‘Hemp fly’ estimates the country’s fifth crop

Are you an optimist or a pessimist?

“We’re incredibly optimistic! We’re going to expand our Ohio operations next year, finally have Michigan’s growth site online, and add processing in both Ohio and Michigan as well as retail in Michigan and possibly Ohio.”

—Jeff Korff, CEO, Galinas Akron, Ohio

(Courtesy F5 Farms)
Ben Caldwell. (Courtesy F5 Farms)

“I am very optimistic about the future, we are currently expanding to a new state-of-the-art planting facility that has doubled our current size.”

—Ben Caldwell, 26, Director of Agriculture for F5 . farms in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Jason Gilman, Ridgeline.  (Courtesy Ridgeline Farms)
Jason Gilman. (Courtesy Ridgeline Farms)

“I honestly have no idea what the future holds, I try to be as optimistic as possible, but it was very difficult to watch the big farms take over and the old farms in The Emerald Triangle take a hit.”

Jason Gilman, owner and operator, Ridgeline Farms, Southern Humboldt, CA

Fave strain you want people to try?

Gordon.  (courtesy Moon Made Farms)
Tina Gordon. (courtesy Moon Made Farms)

“Come on! From the full 2021 season, check out Cherry Moon, Orange Valley Sun, Grapes + Cream, Team Cream, and Caps Frozen Lemons, to name a few.”

—Tina Jordan, “Old Enough to Smoke Weed,” Owner and Founder, moon making farms, Southern Humboldt County, California

Wonderbrett got that hot drop from the Cherry Trop.  (courtesy Wonderbrett)
Wonderbrett’s got a hot Cherry Trop. (courtesy Wonderbrett)

“I would say the Cherry Trop is one of the most beautiful strains I have ever enjoyed growing. This is a new strain and we have recently started selling it at our new flagship store in Hollywood.”

—Brett Feldman, 42, farmer and head of Wonderbrett, Los Angeles and Long Beach, C

(Courtesy of Sweet Dirt)
(Courtesy of Sweet Dirt)

“For moderate users I recommend Blue Borealis. The flavor is friendly and the noise reminds us of a canoe ride on a slow-moving river.”

—Bob Hughes, 35, founder, sweet dirtElliott, ME

How was your growth in 2021? Vote off in the comments below, yo.

Grow guide for marijuana beginners.

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