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Republican and Democratic voters support legal cannabis, says poll (Newsletter: November 5, 2021)

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Military recruits with marijuana waivers “perform no worse”; Study: Government-grown cannabis is more like cannabis than consumer marijuana

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/ Most important things to know

The Washington, D.C. Chairman It removed controversial legislation provisions for Tuesday’s vote that would crack down on unregulated marijuana sales.

new Military-funded RAND Corporation The study found that Army recruits granted a marijuana waiver were “no worse” than other soldiers and “less likely to be separated as a result of health or performance concerns.”

  • Without compromise, a failed drug test for marijuana would prevent a third of 18-year-old Americans who say they have used marijuana at least once in the past year. Recruits who join the US military despite a low-level history of marijuana use do not perform well A year worse than other soldiers. This should be welcome news in employment offices across the country.”

A new study found that Marijuana that the government grows for use in research It is “genetically fundamentally different from commercially available cannabis strains” that consumers actually use and in fact share a “genetic affinity with cannabis.”

/ federation

Drug Enforcement Administration Director Ann Milgram spoke about marijuana on a call with law enforcement officials.

The Agency for healthcare research and quality Published the latest edition of the ongoing review of cannabis and other botanical treatments for chronic pain.

Senator Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) Attended the opening of the CBD treatment facility.

Rep.. Ed Perlmutter (D-CO) In the tweet, “Congress has not passed any federal reforms on cannabis since the Controlled Substances Act of 1970. #SAFEBanking is the best opportunity to enact some kind of cannabis reform this term, and it will help pave the way for broader reform while creating a safer system and a fairer industry.”

Missouri Democratic candidate for Congress Henry Martin “Today will be a good day to end the war on drugs,” he wrote on Twitter.

/ States

Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves (right) said he and lawmakers are still negotiating potency and tenure limits for medical cannabis legalization.

Florida Democratic candidate for governor, Nikki Fried, currently Commissioner of Agriculture, tweeted, “Not only do we have the opportunity to right historical grievances, but we have the opportunity to turn Florida into an industrial powerhouse. Let’s start #SomethingNew and legalize marijuana.”

The Louisiana The House Medical Marijuana Committee held a hearing.

a Wisconsin Senator publication on the economic benefits of legalizing marijuana.

Colorado Legislative Council staff posted an overview of the cannabis legalization enacted this year.

Idaho The cannabis plan has received federal approval.

that Illinois Judge is taking steps to consolidate separate lawsuits that challenge the marijuana business licensing processes for regulators.

The California The State Fair Cannabis Awards are beginning to accept applications.

Oregon Regulators published a draft letter asking legislative leaders to create a subcommittee on cannabis, health care and idleness to transfer authority to the designated farmer program.

New Mexico The number of medical cannabis patients increased by 72 percent over two years.

Washington State Regulators have issued an emergency suspension of the Emerald Flash LLC license due to the alleged violations.

Utah Organizers have proposed changes to the rules for growing cannabis.

North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Service chirp About the Federal Cannabis Survey.

South Carolina Regulators have released a list of allowed cannabis carriers and Services.

Ohio Regulators have published updated numbers for medical cannabis patients and caregivers.

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/ Sweetened

The Denton, Texas The city council is considering a proposal to decriminalize marijuana.

Voters in Clawson, Perry, Butterville and Rockwood, Michigan Ballot procedures to allow marijuana businesses will be decided on Tuesday.

Warren County, Pennsylvania The district attorney said he supports marijuana legalization.

/ international

british columbia, Canada She will apply for federal permission to decriminalize drugs this week. separately , Federal government Only a marijuana conviction pardon has been granted to 484 people over the past two years.

The United kingdom The House of Commons is due to debate medical cannabis on Wednesday and Thursday.

a Guernsey The deputy resigned from the Home Affairs Committee after the committee chair said he had a conflict of interest over marijuana legislation due to his role as director of a cannabis company.

/ Science and Health

A review found that “many publications indicate that cannabis and cannabis sativa extracts are potent.” Anti-inflammatory and anti-fibrous Properties.”

A study of cannabis vaporizer cartridges indicated that “chromium, copper, nickel as well as smaller amounts of lead, manganese, and tin migrate to cannabis oil and into the vapor phase inhaled, potentially resulting in a sharp intake of cannabis inhaled metals higher than the regulatory standard of multiple government agencies” and “non-cartridge heating methods for cannabis flower and concentrate were compared, and the results indicate that the heating device itself is a source of metal contamination.”

Advocacy, opinion and analysis

The New York Daily News Editorial Board He supported the opening of sites for the safe consumption of illegal drugs.

/ a job

The Green Organic Dutchman Holdings Ltd. Acquires Galaxie Brands Corporation.

Columbia Care Company Completed its acquisition of Medicine Man.

Coralif International It is rebranding for the European market.

/ culture

Professional wrestling commentator Jim Ross I started a cannabis farm in Oklahoma.

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