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Tube or connection? A debate about cannabis across generations

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he is tall. Difficult. It has a rounded tip, which is not what you’re thinking. I am talking about spacy, which is traditional Hemp pipes used in Morocco. Are you a pipe mother subscriber Person? Pipe, rooted in history, is preferred by older smokers while joints are more common among young adults. why? Let’s explore these two philosophies and the generation gap between tubes and joints.

Essebsi’s anatomy

The sepsis consists of a narrow (40 to 50 cm) hardwood stem, a small clay pot, and a thin metal mesh used to hold it. cannabis inside the bowl. Sepsi smokers light the kefir – chopped dried hashish – and inhale on the other end of the stem. Essebsi serves a small, low-temperature herb. Because of its elongated shape, Moroccans point out smoking Essebsi playing golf. And like golf, it is a sport favored by the elderly. In my time in Morocco, I investigated why.

Every time I smoked Essebsi, it felt like an industrial and tedious chore. Assembly comes first. The user ties the two sticks together to form the narrow stem (air passage). Once attached, the smoker stuffs the bowl with a small amount of kief (25 mg) and places it at one end of the stem. Next, they should hold the tube at an angle and ignite the vessel while inhaling for proper combustion. The kief takes from 2 to 3 puffs. Next comes network cleaning. All this subtle coordination of one, short-lived, ecstatic mind.

Illustration by OriginalSebsi

Why do people love this pipe?

Too many steps and too short of height. It doesn’t seem worth it to me. However, Essebsi has been used for centuries and has maintained its popularity through time. I asked cannabis smokers why they prefer spaghetti over knuckles. These were the most common answers:

  • My father and grandfather used to smoke Essebsi. It’s a family tradition.”
  • “It’s natural. Only herbs, no toxic waste.”
  • “Essebsi requires discipline. I love it.”
  • “It’s much cheaper.”
  • “I can go back to work right after.”

Well, that makes more sense. Unlike cannabis, kief is not the cannabis resin but dried male plants chopped into a powder. Male plants contain more Convention on Biological Diversity and less THC Of the female plants, and therefore short high. Muhammed, a cannabis grower from the Rif Mountains He had the same logic. He smoked Essebsi during the day and kept the drops for his end-of-day bounty.

Quality is a cultural good

In Morocco, kif is much cheaper than hash ($0.01/gram versus $1/gram). Besides, there are no recurring expenses like tobaccoor filters or rolling paper. Essebsi is a one-time investment and quality is a commodity. price for smoking Hashish with Essebsi is not important compared to hashish subscriber, both in terms of money and effects.

A man smokes Essebsi

The price and the short rise explain the popularity of Essebsi. Of all the reasons I’ve heard, it caught my eye. Mohamed said: “Esebsi is noble.” “When you’re done with the joint, you throw it away, but when you’re done smoking the espresso, you clean it, loosen it, and keep it with the skin. Also, you don’t bring it to your lips like a smack cigarette. No, you hold it right, light it and bend over.”

ancient rituals

There was a unique philosophy behind Muhammad’s words. Smoking Essebsi is an ancestral tradition in North Africa. A tradition that is observed mainly by artists, craftsmen and farmers. The act creates a shift of power between the artist and his art, between pleasure and respect, between humanity and nature. The fact that you need two hands, a rigorous process, and royal reverence gives Essebsi the status of an antique. Perhaps that is why it is preferred by the elderly.

Pipes or connections, I see them as a means to an end. For creativity, relaxation or laughter, the finish is the smoker’s choice and privilege. Cannabis smokers love their habits and what can we say, old habits die hard.

I chose coupling over pipes and efficiency over tradition. Where do you stand in the tube versus the common split? Let us know in the comments!

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