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Could the new marijuana brand ‘Tyson 2.0’ be the first truly national cannabis brand?

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Another popular cannabis brand is due to start operations within a few months after completing the first seed round that raised about $7 million. The celebrity behind this brand new line is none other than Mike Tyson! The new nationwide cannabis company was named “Tyson 2.0” after the symbol.

Heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson is not a new face in the industry. Since 2018, it has been reported that he has announced plans to develop a 40-acre California hemp production farm, Tyson Holistic.

Tyson doesn’t do this alone. He’s partnered with Columbia Care Partners to bring the Mike Tyson 2.0 brand line into a reality.

The New York-based company announced that the brand’s products will be distributed across 18 states. Columbia Care has 99 dispensary networks and plans to supply all units in this series. The cannabis products to be distributed will come in different forms such as flowers, concentrates, oils, and even nutrients.

Mike Tyson and hemp

Mike Tyson has often admitted the profound role marijuana played in his life. The legendary boxer who doubles as a cultural icon around the world has revealed that the new products to be introduced by the new company will provide consumers with a range of options to choose from. His fans who enjoy using weed will appreciate his finesse and taste in cannabis as soon as they smell a whiff of the incoming produce.

Tyson credited cannabis with major mental and physical health improvements. He said the medication helped him survive on very few pills. He also added that since he started using cannabis, he has been as fit and healthy as possible. And his focus did not deviate even once!

Not the first rodeo, definitely won’t be the last

Mike Tyson is one of many celebrities who have announced the positive changes they have had from their cannabis smoking habits, as the legendary boxer uses cannabis and the drug in many professional gigs. This includes the aforementioned Tyson Holistic Farm which launched in 2018.

Tyson also started his own podcast, Hotboxing in 2019. Here, he interviews athletes, comedians, actors, musicians, and other celebrities about their stance on cannabis as well as other aspects of their lives while puffing his pick for this week. Hotboxing has garnered at least 40 million listeners over the past two years. Mike Tyson is a major inspiration to many youngsters across the country based on his accomplishments as a heavyweight boxer and as a serial entrepreneur.

Tyson 2.0

The vision for this new company came when Tyson was introduced to Chad Bronstein while he was working as an advisor and investor at Wesana Health. Wesana is a biotechnology company focused on developing psilocybin into an effective treatment for the management of traumatic brain injury. Chad Bronstein is the co-founder and CEO of Wesana Health and is also the CEO of cannabis technology company Fyllo. It came as no surprise when it was announced that he would also serve as president of Tyson 2.0.

The partnership between Mike Tyson and Columbia Care will differ from Tyson’s previous cannabis brand. Rather than focusing on a single form of cannabis product, Tyson 2.0 will offer every single boxer’s favorite, from flowers to staples, Pre-Rolls, beverages, concentrates, and other beverages. To ensure the products are effective, Tyson may take on the role of the company’s chief product tester. He will also be appointed as the head of the company’s brand.

No release date yet

Neither the Tyson Camp nor Columbia Care Group has announced a launch date for the main brand. All that is known now is that Adam Wilkes and Chad Bronstein will ever be honored. The former is the former CEO of One Plant, while the latter is the founder and CEO of Fyllo. Both teams announced that the products would be made available at wholesale prices to retailers across the state.

For a planned cannabis company, a $7 million seed round is no small feat. Could it be that the popular face of Mike Tyson wooed large-scale investors to add them to this initial round? Forbes reports that the capital raised will be used to fund the farming, processing and marketing teams. Proprietary strains will be established and a suitable national sales team will also be employed.

Columbia sponsorship and its role in Tyson 2.0

Founding of Columbia Care He will be responsible for bringing the products to market. The company is one of the largest growers and distributors of marijuana in America. They will also bring in a team to ensure the product is well received in the market by their dispensaries. These partners in this union complement each other, Tyson with celebrity influence and Columbia Care with their expertise in the marijuana industry. More Americans will have access to the best products in the country.

In an interview, Brownstein said Mike’s relationship with cannabis was a critical component of Tyson 2.0’s founding. He added that Tyson could spark longing in people. Tyson’s advocacy for cannabis has gone far, and when consumers realize that a product has been created and tested, they will be sure of its quality.

Tyson 2.0 will offer a range of high-quality products that consumers and celebrities use first-hand.

Last event

Mike Tyson is not only an advocate of cannabis, he is also an advocate of narcotics. Reports indicate that the 55-year-old is consuming cannabis and the drug in recommended amounts to lose weight, stay fit and stay healthy. Tyson says working with companies like Wesana and Tyson 2.0 will help spread a better narrative about cannabis and drugs to millions of Americans. The Fyllo platform will be used to market all products offered by the new company. Thousands of Americans will be rushing with products because just about everyone wants to look as good as Tyson at 55, or even better.

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