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Hope fades for a private session on the MS medical cannabis program

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The governor said he was concerned that adequate regulations in the show would come close to simulating an entertainment program, something he opposes. The maximum that medical professionals, eg an optometrist or nurse practitioner, would want to be able to prescribe at one time is 2.8 grams.

“Any paper currency in America weighs a gram,” Zack Wilson said, as he pulled a ten dollar bill from his wallet. “Let’s say I cut that much of that (a third), that’s how much weight they want to change. That’s nothing. That’s what these people commented on.”

Wilson is the vice president of We Are the 74, a pro-cannabis group in the state, which recently protested outside the governor’s mansion in Jackson asking Reeves to call a private hearing. With what Reeves is asking, Wilson says lawmakers should not let him eliminate the possibility of a private hearing.

“People are ready for our legislators to give up politics, stop holding personal grudges and grudges between them and other legislators, and go ahead and agree with the governor to have our own session, and let’s get this bill passed,” Wilson said.

“We’re about 60 days away from the legislature arriving in town,” Reeves noted during the press conference. “So, I hope we get it done before then.”

The bill to go to the regular session is something Wilson doesn’t want. A special session can give the bill its own stage, while a regular session means it fits into the mix with the rest of the agenda that state leaders hope to achieve. That could mean several months before the bill is passed, as well as the possibility that other lawmakers will attach new amendments and provisions to the bill, which could lead to less lawmakers voting for it and possibly the bill’s death.

If the bill faces a regular session and does not pass, Wilson says the upcoming election will be a reckoning for state leaders.

“We will not forget, and we will make sure that we stand up for the people and fire all the incumbents,” Wilson said. “If you vote against this bill, you’re signing a political death sentence because we don’t want you anymore.”

Wilson said there’s no time to waste on this because even if the bill is passed, it could still take, he says, seven more months before the drug is distributed because there are no licenses, no dispensaries and nothing has been planted yet. He’s asking lawmakers to give Reeves what he’s asking so the special session can be called.


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