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Cannabis Research Bill Heads to Biden’s Office (Newsletter: November 9, 2021)

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Submit a marijuana research invoice; Senate NDAA Amendment That Would Legalize Medical Cannabis for Veterinarians; CA AG: The state legal market is the best in the world

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/ The most important things to know

Marijuana Moment gets draft text of a new Republican-led bill from Representative Nancy Mays (SC-Republic) to federally legalize and tax cannabis that will soon be introduced as an alternative to marijuana legalization for Democratic leaders.

The House of Representatives Veterans Affairs Committee He approved a bill requiring the Department of Veterans Affairs to conduct clinical trials on the medical benefits of marijuana for veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder and chronic pain — despite opposition testimony from the Biden administration.

Senators Brian Schatz (D-HI) and Bernie Sanders (I-VT), along with six other lawmakers, introduced an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act that would federally legalize medical marijuana for military veterans. It would also allow VA physicians to issue recommendations for cannabis and require the department to research the therapeutic potential of marijuana to reduce pain and opioid abuse.

California Attorney General Rob Ponta (D) Speaking at an event to mark the 25th anniversary of the state’s first medical cannabis law, he said California has “number one in the world” in the legal marijuana market.

/ federation

a Federal grand jury Subpoenas seek information about payments to public servants and consultants as part of a criminal investigation into marijuana licensing in Baldwin Park, California and other nearby cities.

The USDA The risk management agency wrote on Twitter, “Hemp is creating new economic opportunities for America’s growers, and we’re thrilled to provide coverage for cannabis producers.”

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-New York) He tweeted, “It’s been a long time coming to end federal marijuana bans, enact criminal justice reforms, and invest in communities affected by the War on Drugs. That’s why we’re working with SenBooker and RonWyden & I to pass the Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act.”

Representative Jerry Connolly (D-VA) He said he supports Washington, D.C.’s right to legalize marijuana without congressional interference.

Indiana’s Democratic Senate candidate Thomas McDermott, currently mayor of Hammond, has discussed his support for the legalization of marijuana and has admitted to using cannabis at recent concerts.

/ States

Mississippi The deputy governor said he believes lawmakers will pass the medicinal cannabis bill in the regular legislative session next year.

Massachusetts The Senate president said lawmakers will consider marijuana-related issues such as local host community agreements, social equality and automatic exclusions.

New York The top marijuana regulator spoke about efforts to legalize in a way that focuses on fairness and justice.

California Regulators ordered the destruction of a hemp field after the farmer applied pesticides not approved for use on the crop.

a Michigan An appeals court upheld a two-year suspension of a physician who approved nearly 22,000 medical cannabis recommendations within one year.

Nevada Regulators have issued a health and safety bulletin about the inability to verify that Kindibles, LLC has created and tested certain edible marijuana products. They also released a file Brief Comment Company licence.

Arizona Regulators introduced revised marijuana rules.

The Virginia The Cannabis Control Authority Board of Directors meets on Tuesday.

Ohio Regulators will consider changes to medical cannabis rules on Tuesday.

The Washington State The Social Justice Cannabis Task Force Technical Assistance and Extension Working Group will meet on Tuesday.

Florida Organizers will hold several meetings on medical cannabis and cannabis this month.

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/ Sweetened

Missoula, Montana UPC Advanced Marijuana Regulations.

Princeton, New Jersey The Cannabis Task Force met to discuss recommendations for domestic marijuana law.

The East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana The coroner claimed “it’s only a matter of time” before officials start seeing marijuana filled with fentanyl.

/ international

Costa Rica Lawmakers are pressing ahead with legalizing medical cannabis and cannabis despite the opposition of President Carlos Alvarado.

Georgian Lawmakers introduced a bill to legalize marijuana.

Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte has once again criticized the International Criminal Court’s investigation into his country’s “bloody war on drugs”.

/ Science and Health

A study found that “more active individuals believe that cannabis and CBD can improve and help the psychological aspects of exercise.” Recovery from exercise.

A review concluded that “preclinical data suggest the potential for low or high-dose anesthetic treatment regimens to slow or reverse brain atrophy, enhance cognitive function, and slow progression.” Alzheimer’s disease.

Advocacy, opinion and analysis

A leaked offer has been submitted to American Cannabis CouncilWhich the organization says it does not endorse, is laying out “a blueprint for how vested interests will take control of the industry,” according to critics.

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld He called for drug legalization.

/ a job

Umbrella Growth Foundation It reported quarterly net revenue of C$131.4 and an adjusted EBITDA loss of C$163 million. The company is also closing tweed farms Greenhouse in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada.

iAnthus Capital Holdings Inc. Faces two revised shareholder lawsuits.

Cybin Inc. Obtained a Schedule I manufacturing license from the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Missouri Dispensaries sold $24.17 million of medical cannabis in October.

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Image courtesy of Chris Wallis // Side Pocket Images.

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