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How long does a wax pencil stay in your system?

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Cannabis lovers swim in a sea of ​​options when shopping for fun ways to consume their favorite cannabis. Perhaps one of the most popular methods is to use a wax pen. These small receptacles are similar to vape cartridges, but offer the user more control and versatility in choosing the center. Add whatever cracker, sugar wax, live resin, buds, or rosin you prefer into the heating chamber, and it will vaporize just like your personal mini dab.

Wax pens are convenient, discreet, and can pack a punch. But, with so much THC available for each puff, have you ever wondered how much THC to inhale? How long does a wax pencil stay in your system?

While this question may not be asked unless you need to Pass a drug testRead on to learn more about your body’s ability to detox your wax stick and what determines your detection time.

Factors to consider

Each person will metabolize THC slightly differently. Although no two bodies are alike, some common factors play a role in how quickly the body metabolizes and excretes THC.

High concentration of Vape Oil or Wax

One of the primary drawbacks to using crayons is the ability to change oils frequently. Each time you smoke, you can try a new type of wax. Cannabis concentrates likely have varying test results, with THC ratios ranging from 40% to over 80%. Smoking a wax results in a stronger rise with fewer strokes than smoking a flower in a bowl or joint. This is the allure of vaping wax, especially for those that are highly tolerant or anyone who needs large doses for therapeutic purposes. However, the higher the THC value, the more THC the body needs to break down.

How often do you use a wax pen or vape

Above all, frequency of use may play the most prominent role. With continued and frequent use, the body builds up a concentration of cannabinoids present in layers of the body’s fat cells. For first-time smokers, their bodies will break down THC and expel it very quickly. But for a chronic smoker who always seems to have the pen, it can take several weeks to completely rid the body of THC. This formula is very simple – the more often you vape, the longer it will take to detox.

Body mass index and health factors

Weight plays a big role in detox time. For smokers who are overweight and obese, passing a THC drug test becomes more difficult. This is because the body stores THC metabolites in fat cellsAnd, for people with a higher body mass index (BMI), there are more places for THC to stay. These metabolites are difficult to remove because they are incorporated into layers of fat cells, and you must actively burn fat to release the metabolites.

Additionally, general health plays a role in detoxification and detection time. People with a high metabolism are more likely to get rid of toxins faster, and those who have a lot of water. Since THC is excreted from the body through urine, drinking plenty of fluids and urinating more often speeds up the detoxification process.

How long does the wax pencil stay in your system?

In addition to the above factors, the type of THC test used is an important consideration. Most standard THC tests are urinalysis, and as a rule, THC can be detected in urine for up to 30 days for frequent users. This applies to regular users who consume cannabis moderately. However, again, remember that factors such as weight and general health contribute to this timeline.

Although blood tests are uncommon, they detect THC for a few hours up to 24 hours. A saliva test will detect THC for up to 24 hours, although some advanced tests can extend that period to 72 hours. Of all the options, the hair follicle test has the longest detection time of 90 days.

If you take a few strokes of a vape pen, expect to clear THC from your system in as little as a few days up to one week. However, if vaping or dabbing is part of your daily routine, it’s best to give yourself at least 30 days of cannabis if you need a THC-free drug test.

last thoughts

There are many ways to help your body detox if faced with a drug test. Many companies make detox products That helps speed up the process. Some work within 24 hours of the unfortunate event you find yourself facing a sudden drug test. Most importantly, remember that the higher concentrations of THC you use, the longer it will take. Drink plenty of water, do some exercise to boost your metabolism, and discontinue use immediately if you think a test is on the horizon.

Grow guide for marijuana beginners.

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