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Top cannabis products for delivery in Palm Springs

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Palm Springs is a hot destination known for its endless sunshine, towering palm trees, and inviting pool that seems to be everywhere you look. And now, finding premium cannabis in Palm Spring has never been easier. While the dispensary experience is always an adventure, who doesn’t love a poolside weed delivery?

From eaten cannabis to CBD tinctures, pre-rolls, dabs, and THC seltzers, the delivery options are endless. For your next vacation in beautifully refreshed Palm Springs, check out some of these great products that can be delivered right to your door.

strong cargo

strong cargo It combines the aesthetic of streetwear with the culture of hemp to produce truly special products.

Looking for a truly balanced height? Try MUSE Pre-roll made from a high quality hybrid flower strain. Take a puff of the AMPLIFY Disposable Pencil for a high-powered Luxurious Sativa flower. If you are looking for a high level of deep relaxation, then enjoy our offline pre-rolls made with premium indica flower for an even better high.

explore Streetwear groups Inspired by Japanese streetwear and LA fashion like OFFLINE Kimono, AMPLIFY Windbreaker Pant or MUSE Track Jacket to elevate the comfort and enjoyment of cannabis.

qana flow

qana flow

qana flow Synonymous with high quality hemp. Flow Kana is unique in that it is a cannabis brand that does not grow any cannabis. Instead, they have valuable partnerships with growers throughout the Emerald Triangle who comply with their high standards for cannabis cultivation.

Their entire line features organic marijuana growing with additional efforts toward renewable farming, and multi-generational growers are making efforts toward greater sustainability at every turn. What else distinguishes them? Every bud sold by Flow Kana grows, harnessing the true power of Mother Nature to its fullest potential.

Although it offers multiple layers of cannabis, including 99 ounces of young buds, Flow Kana’s Farmer’s Reserve is true weed at its best. Grown in small batches, these crops are given every ounce of attention by dedicated growers, and the results speak for themselves. With terpene profiles over 2.5%, the effect of entourage is truly alive across all Farmer’s Reserve strains, with incredibly detailed packaging highlighting the terpenes, cannabinoids, and where each plant is grown.

Although the grass is grown in Northern California, it can be enjoyed statewide. Shop online for Delivery options in Palm Springs.

Pabst Laboratories

Pabst Laboratories

Chances are, there comes a time in your life when a wonderful memory of sipping PBR comes up. Maybe she’s back in college, or maybe it was last night! Either way, this brand is well worth the hype in the cannabis industry. Pabst Labs He brings High Seltzer, a solid carbonated liquid with a twist, to the California hemp market.

These alcohol-free, hard Sylcerates contain 10mg of THC per can and are available in flavors like passion fruit, pineapple, strawberry, kiwi, mango, orange, and lemon. For a different type of post from the Blue Ribbon brand you know and love, Order 4 packs And have it delivered straight to your door…or Palm Springs pool party.



Stiiizy is truly a one-stop shop for the cannabis lover who wants a little bit of everything. From quality flowers to extracts, vape pens and foods, Stiiizy has it all. Producing such an extensive line of production is no small feat, hence the legendary Stiiizy stature in the cannabis scene.

Stiiizy pods It quickly became a California classic, enhanced with either a plant-derived or cannabis-derived terpene, or a full-spectrum live resin. For lovers of dab, they offer excerpt Like badger live rosin and live spruce diamond for a truly connoisseur’s experience.

To add to their commitment to quality and transparency, Stiiizy has included a QR code on their packaging for Check your vape. When you scan it, you are taken to a website to enter the serial code on the package. This extra step is of course optional, but it ensures that your vape has been produced by Stiiizy, and is not an unsafe black market.

Shop online for Delivery options in Palm Springs.

Tsumo snacks

Tsumo snacks

This is the thing about eating hemp…. Most of them cater only to the confectionery audience. Candy, candies, biscuits, and chocolate are fine and great if you prefer dessert, but not everyone does.

Enters Tsumo snacks. Created for people who prefer savory snacks over sugary meals, this brand has totally hit the mark in its delicious selections.

Mini Tortilla Chips are mini tortilla chips in one 10mg serving pouch. With flavors like Hint of Lime, Zesty Ranch, and Salsa Verde, you can skip the dip and nibble on these flavors solo. But hey, a little guacamole never hurts. Smart play on Cheetos, Fiery Hot cheese crackers and classic cheese puffs deliver a burst of delicious flavor in every bite.

TSUMo snacks are the salty snacks you crave, with the small dose of THC you adore. SHOP TSUMo Snacks Online and purchase a package to try them all.

Grow guide for marijuana beginners.

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