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Delaware veterans need access to medical cannabis

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On this Veterans Day, when America honors all who have served in the military, it is worth thinking about those who were injured while serving. Chronic pain and PTSD affect hundreds of thousands of war veterans. Nearly 60% of veterans returning home from service in the Middle East live with some form of chronic pain. The Department of Veterans Affairs estimates that 11 to 30% of veterans suffer from PTSD.

Members of Congress are aware of this problem and are working to resolve it. Congresswoman Barbara Lee of California introduced HR 2588, the Medical Veterans Safe Harbor Act. Similar legislation was introduced in the Senate. This law would allow physicians in the VA to discuss and recommend cannabis to veterans in states that have established medical cannabis programs.

In addition, the House and Senate are considering the VA Medical Cannabis Research Act of 2021. This will require the Department of Veterans Affairs to conduct clinical trials of the effects of medical cannabis on health outcomes for veterans diagnosed with chronic pain who have been diagnosed with PTSD.

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