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The Ultimate Guide: How to Smoke Live Resin

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The hemp industry has come a long way from wrapping joints or packing receptacles. Now, you can try cannabis in more formats. Whether you prefer vaping, dabbing, topical or food intake, there are plenty of ways to enjoy quality herbs. For many people, smoking is the best solution. It’s classic, simple, and delicious, and the effects are almost instant.

Smoking weed will never go out of style, but if you’re looking for something more robust and flavorful, live resin is an excellent choice. It’s delicious, delicious, and packs a punch. For flavor lovers, live resin can’t be beat. This vibrant, juicy extract is made from fresh cannabis absolute to capture the true essence of the strain.

Let’s dive into details on how to smoke live spruce and other factors you might consider on your journey to discover the perfect strain.

Overview: living resin

Live resin is a cannabis extract made from the whole flower of the live cannabis plant. The plants are cut at the height of the harvest when the trichomes are ripe and bursting with flavor. Extracts usually freeze the buds and store them in the freezer for later use. In Bloom, we cut the fresh plant and extract it within 24 hours after harvest. There are no freezers for long-term storage. This process preserves fragile trichomes, minimizing any potential damage to cannabis and terpenes that may be lost during the drying and processing process or when stored for long term.

Because we didn’t damage the cannabis and terpenes during harvest, concentrations are much higher than many other types of extracts, meaning our live resin cartridges are very strong and aromatic. live resin It is a form of extraction, and may produce perhaps the most flavorful, smoky, and flavorful extract available.

How to smoke a live resin cartridge

Cartridges are a popular choice due to their convenience, affordability, and ease of use. They also travel well, never spoil, and taste great. What is not love? The live resin is a thick, flavorful extract that can somewhat resemble the crystallized honey left at the bottom of a jar. When first extracted, the liquid is too viscous to fit into a vape cartridge. We use a unique blend of extraction, distillation and terpene formula that makes the perfect living resin cartridge. For anyone wondering how to smoke live resin – the vape cartridge is an excellent choice.

Not only are they great for recreational use, but the high concentrations of cannabinoids and terpenes really provide an effective drug for patients. Terpenes are known to target various physical and emotional states, relieve pain and improve mood. Cartridges are suitable for anyone, but we suggest the following practical tips before getting started.

Start with a low dose and wait

Everyone has a unique endocannabinoid system, and we all experience the effects of cannabinoids and terpenes differently. Experimenting with different strains and doses is the only way to find out what works best for you. To get started, choose any of the selected BLOOM live resin cartridges. There are plenty of flavors and terpene features to please every palate. Start with a 1-2 second puff – no need to draw too deep on the pen. Simply inhale gently for a few seconds and then exhale. Effects start within minutes, but may take up to half an hour for full effects. If you like going a little higher, try a puff or two and wait to see how you feel. Keep increasing usage as you like.

Get to know your Terpenes

Terpenes are a group of naturally occurring chemical compounds that are produced throughout the plant kingdom. They are responsible for creating the aromatic scent of many plants, herbs, flowers, fruits, and even some animals and insects. These compounds also contribute to the general mood and effect of the cannabis strain.

Did you know that the soothing floral scent of lavender is caused by the terpene linalool? Limonene is a tonic terpene best known for its citrus fruit flavor, and myrcene is responsible for the musky fruit aroma of myrcene. All of these terpenes (and more than 100 others!) are found in hemp.

Terpenes work synergistically in conjunction with cannabinoids to create what is known as the ‘entourage effect’. This term is used to describe the general synergistic effect of consuming these naturally occurring plant substances together. For example, if you were to consume only one single cannabinoid, such as THC, you would definitely get very high, but you would not be able to enjoy the overall benefits of other cannabinoids and terpenes. They simply work better together for both body and mind.

Note your experience

Keeping a journal on hand to jot down your experience can help you find your ideal stress. It may take a little patience and practice to find the perfect puff, but asking for your preferred dose and mix is ​​great. Consider writing any or all of the following in your journal to keep track of each experience.

  • Starting point: How is your mood currently? what did you do today?
  • Physical considerations: Have you eaten recently? Are you hydrated? Are you experiencing any pain?
  • time of day: Are you comfortable well? Did you just wake up or are you getting ready for bed?
  • Adjust: Are you alone or with someone? Where do you smoke (indoors, outdoors, at home, or anywhere else)?
  • Physical activity: Did you exercise today? Do you exercise regularly? * Note whether cannabis encourages or hinders your physical activity
  • Cannabis details: What is the breed? How do you consume it (vibe, dab, joint, bowl, etc.)? What are the features of terpene and cannabinoid?

These are some suggestions, but feel free to explain them as much as you like. The more information you can document, the better your experience will be. Sometimes it can be worth looking for personal guidance to get a good recommendation for the first try. In many clinics there are dedicated specialists who are happy to help you target your specific goals and give you recommendations.

How to smoke live resin buds

The live resin bud is made by extracting live cannabis plants within two hours of harvesting. Much like a live spruce sauce, the buds are creamy and dripping with terpenes. It’s an easy-to-use extractor because of its texture – it’s not too liquid, nor is it too sticky to handle. And what about the flavor? Absolutely unparalleled.

The sprouts are steamed in a dab device with a set of tools designed to steam the sprouts at exactly the right temperature. Dabbing is a process in itself and is definitely an art for the connoisseur. Here’s how it’s done.

Heat the nail with a torch

Each dab has a spike on which the extract is applied as it evaporates. The nail can be made of glass, titanium, or quartz and varies by preference or type of rig. The first step is to heat the nail with a torch. It’s okay to heat the nail until it glows red, especially if it’s the first time. This removes any impurities.

Wait for the nail to cool down

After that, let the nail cool for a while. The ideal temperature for live resin buds is 300-3600 F. Infrared thermometer can help monitor cooling. As a general rule, it may take 30-60 seconds for the nail to cool down to the ideal temperature. Using a thermometer is the only way to be sure. Patting at lower temperatures allows for a better taste and less harsh experience. High temperatures burn off the flavor and waste a lot of the extract.

Place the buds on the nail surface

Using a dab tool, scoop a small amount of the bud and apply it directly to the surface of the nail. The heat will vaporize the sprout, this indicates that it is slowly beginning to inhale steam. It doesn’t take a big hit and you inhale quickly, which vaporizes a more delicate process than smoking a bong or a knuckle. If available, cover the nail with a carb cap to conserve more heat, allowing as much steam as possible.

Exhale steam immediately

No need to hold on to the steam, exhale immediately and completely empty the lungs. Effects begin within 5-10 minutes. Wait and see how you feel before taking more molasses.

Note your experience

Track your dabbing experience just as you would a vape pen. Consider your state of mind and intentions, and details about the type of snippet. It is important to note the THC ratio and terpene coil, as well as the dabbing temperature.

last thoughts

Live resin is a great fun way to enjoy cannabis both recreationally and medicinally. Provides highly nourishing effects of concentrated cannabis and rich terpene content. We hope this post provides more information on how to smoke live resin and discover the best strains for you. Head over to our store and check out all our amazing strains and I’m looking for a dispensary Carry BLOOM near you.

Grow guide for marijuana beginners.

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