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Arizona Organics triples in size to meet cannabis demand

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Arizona Organics, the state’s first licensed marijuana dispensary, has tripled in size in order to meet demand and maintain an enjoyable cannabis buying experience. The expansion, which culminated with a grand opening late last month, reflects the projected growth in cannabis sales that many experts had predicted after the passage of Prop 207 in November of 2020, which led to the legalization of recreational marijuana use in January of this year.

Extra Space at Arizona Organics, an award-winning dispensary in Glendale, allowed the company to expand its staff of knowledgeable talent and increase the number of exit stations from 8 to 32.

“We just need more space. Since the passing of Prop 207, we have seen a significant increase in traffic and interest, which definitely necessitated expansion,” said Mark Mayer, CEO of Arizona Organics.

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Industry reports support anecdotal reports of growth across the Arizona cannabis industry. The BDSA reports that Arizona has become the fastest registered state to move from a state that only permits medical use to one that allows adult recreational use. The state saw about $1 billion in marijuana sales for 2021, which translates to more than $115 million in tax revenue from medical and recreational sales combined, according to the Arizona Department of Revenue.

Marijuana Business Daily predicts that Arizona could be home to a $700 million recreational cannabis market by 2024.

“As the first state-licensed dispensary for medical marijuana, we’ve always had a strong customer base for those who use cannabis for medical purposes. But we’ve definitely seen an influx of new customers looking to learn about and try cannabis for recreational purposes over the past year,” Meyer said.

By adding additional square feet to the dispensary, Arizona Organics was able to avoid relocation and instead move its modern, open aesthetic to its new space while reducing the time it takes customers to visit the store, find needed products, and make a purchase.

“We pride ourselves on providing a personalized experience for any customer who walks through our doors, making that extra space even more valuable,” Meyer said. “We recognize that everyone has individual needs that require specific products and even education on these products, so our ability to add informed citizens to our employees with this expansion is invaluable to the overall experience at Arizona Organix.”

For more information on Arizona Organix, located at 5301 W. Glendale Ave. visit https://www.arizonaorganix.org.

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