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The birth of “work = activity”

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In the 1980s, many vegetarian entrepreneurs had a collective vision inspired by tofu book (William Shortliff and Akiko Oyagi). Some of us went on to create an alternative to silky soy milk, Westbrae tofu, and TofuRella cheese. Small village style tofu shops, thousands across the country just like Japan. Yes, we were naive, but we insisted.

She started making tofu in California that year, and opened the state’s first vegetarian restaurant (there were soybeans before, not restaurants). Using our handcrafted tofu, we made with it a number of other foods, in familiar American shapes.

That generated a new vegan movement, which in turn created a vegan movement, then the hemp food movement which then became the first multi-billion dollar segment of cannabis, and then today the explosion of interest in veganism into the mainstream. Somehow, it all started right then and there, from 1977 until 1982, when many new little tofu shops started. The legend of vegetarian food Robert Davis he had one, Steve Demos one, and in 1980 I had one. It literally fueled the burgeoning vegan food movement of those days.

When I got down to business, I finally came to see it this way: The more “evangelists” we trained to go and preach the “tofu gospel,” the faster the tofu would become. ThingBotanical revolution. We’ve been teaching Tofu Senders to thrive. It’s not easy to know the actual details of the tofu making process, there are so many variables. No less than five companies I can remember being trained on how to make tofu; Three of them were in California, my state, so they were potential competitors and in fact they were later. He said but it doesn’t matter when you’re in motion together AF naively.

The growth of interest in vegetarians today is the latest manifestation of the early work of the “tofu missionaries”. Without advances in plant-based foods, tofu and tofu products made into the public consciousness, there is no Impossible FoodsIt’s just another thing Loma Linda or Bukka Burger.

With cannabis foods, thanks to the business and foods pages more than lifestyle and entertainment, people finally came to see that food made with “marijuana’s cousin” was safe and wonderful. natural. This allowed for a buying experience when encountered, so the next step was to increase the chance of encountering them by gaining a position in as many stores as possible. We also used files cannabis program with display unit For a wider retail position, more profitable square feet in the store. In addition to Hey ho! HempNut Online StoreAt its peak, we sold $10,000 a month of hemp food in 2000. Anyone can get wholesale prices just by ordering a whole pack. anyone. He did a lot.

For every new company we help or inspire to get started, they will create public or commercial advertising and marketing. Most of them will be written in newspapers and magazines, thus spreading the word. The company’s press releases are the lifeblood of many publications trying to fill the void, often typing it word for word. Only one company can get a large amount of ink, but ten of them will get 10 times more because there will be synergies, it will look bigger than it is. The more people hear about something new, the more people realize that it’s something legitimate, whether it’s tofu, vegan, or hemp foods.

If there is no trade in the product or commodity, there is no demand. If there is no demand, there is no interest in changing things like legalizing cannabis. On the contrary, if there is a lot of trade, there will be great demand and there will be interest in changing the status quo, be it vegetarian food or rationing. Then the snowballs condense and get bigger and bigger the more we talk about them. I have seen this phenomenon many times over the decades.

That’s why cannabis was not legalized until 2018, because by that time it became commercial Convention on Biological Diversity It was well into the billions (most CBD is in hemp). They didn’t mind protecting the soybean, timber and cotton industries from hemp, but CBD opened their eyes. The “non-rock of cannabis that heals children” has been so politically safe that Senator McConnell joined, after Senator Paul carried a cannabis bill at every hearing since 2005.

In 2014, three of the largest CBD companies asked me to start a commercial CBD group, namely Medical Cannabis Association. Since then I have been advocating and educating about CBD in my social media and website. Every new CBD business I can help start is like another new advocate, educating their circle and community.

That’s why I introduce Free Tools for CBD Startups Anyone can download. In 2015 I started learning smokeable hemp as a new product category; Today it is the driver of cannabis value in Italy and Switzerland with thousands of stores dedicated to it. Of course I’m not taking advantage of that, all I did was plant the idea for the public and let human nature continue to scatter. It’s about outcome, not income. The idea is not me. I can’t tell people to do something and then get pissed when they go do it, now can I? It’s all about spreading the idea, not ownership. If they say “Richard who?” So be it, I can’t get attached to any of them, positive or negative. That’s why I didn’t sue replicas in the ’90s, and instead became “the most copied guy in cannabis.”

So in my opinion, the more I empower people to start the tofu, hemp food, CBD, smokeable hemp, hemp, or vegan food business, the more you contribute to the movement with a solution rather than a problem. Isn’t that the definition of activity?

This is how “work = activityIt came to be.

However, a few years ago I realized that the dark side of this concept is what I call neoliberal marketing and its tool, Fauxthentic Marketing. The essence of neoliberal marketing is to “buy my producers and save the world”. It redefines voters as consumers, whose democratic choices are exercised by purchasing. Letting the “market” fix the problems of the planet. Fauxthentic (my term) is the marketing of something that is not real, and the private face does not match the public face. This is often done in pursuit of neoliberal marketing. While my story has always been authentic, “Best Sharon” has been named after my wife who also worked with me, I feel partly to blame for today’s neoliberal marketing.

In true neoliberal style, we told the story authentically on each package and mentioned it in marketing materials, like this:

and this is …

The reason is that I started imposing a “green tax” in 1988 as a way to counteract my use of resources in pursuit of profit while marketing the tofu cheese alternative. Toforella. I had huge profits at the time, and my manifestation of that green tax was to give hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash and products to good causes. To set us apart from our top competitors, Rella Labels offered an unprecedented (at the time) 100% money-back guarantee, a toll-free 800 (800-NJOY-NOW), email and postal address to complain, and our free recipes and mail-in coupons upon request. We stood tall in the face of the threat of boycott safe road by those who cut down the temperate rainforests on Vancouver Island. We’ve given tens of thousands of dollars to NORML, Hemp Industries Association, Sierra Club of Western Canada, and EarthSave. Over $70,000 in product just to help Hurricane Andrew Relief EffortsIn 1993 when the dollar meant something.

Why do we market in this way? We were a small, interconnected company of true believers, and our biggest competitor was a huge multinational corporation. Others were people for whom natural foods were just a job and not a way of life as it was for us. You rubbed me the wrong way and wanted people to know that we’re the “anti-corporate choice,” the “professional who’s also bro.”

It’s no coincidence that I started studying marketing at Sonoma State University the year we started the green tax, 1988. Going to night classes for five years through graduation and grad school, I no doubt applied what I was learning without even trying.

I knew I needed some way to differentiate us from them to the public, and I did that by donating money I’d like to give anyway and telling people what we’re doing and why. I was hoping others would follow suit as they did in the past with tofu, and again with work = activity But here’s an example of why I believe a company can be an effective champion just by doing its business as usual, just by being present. So we used Differentiation through philanthropy to achieve that; A way to show consumers that we weren’t like quarter-to-quarter predatory corporate monsters, we were home and people like them.

Honestly, the trade doesn’t seem to care one way or the other. They wanted those five points of profit that you proudly offered to come to them instead, I’m not kidding, someone even said that.

Today, Dr Bronner’s is a master at it and many try to incorporate some aspects of it into their marketing. When you see a company publicizing its donations, politics, or philanthropy, it’s usually a neoliberal marketing ploy. “I feel good about giving us money so we can do these altruistic things.” Sometimes he even hides a dark secret that the company seeks to atone for; Some try to balance their karma by using donations for this or that, and do not resist their propaganda. Like BP’s thorny ads after the Gulf oil spill.

As companies have jumped on the shopping cart, it has become diluted and less effective, so Dr. Brunner had to escalate the matter this year (Click here to check it out). The problem is that when all that money comes from companies, it often comes with bad advice and there are varying degrees of perseverance in taking those unwanted advice.

No matter you might be better at shelling out money to say homeless from American Express or United Airlines or someone else, they will still use the little money they earned from you with exorbitant fees to do something nice. A credit card company spent $750,000 advertising it was giving $250,000 to a food bank. A beer company recently made a $5 million commercial boasting about $100,000 in water donation.

Additionally, how is marketing ethically done in a post-ethical world like today? I know companies that haven’t actually made the donations they claimed, or “borrowed” huge sums from the foundation that was supposed to fund these things. Or they made a donation and then took it back when the organization didn’t log in to the donor’s bad ideas. Or they only advertise the tiny amount that is organic or fair trade, implying it’s all.

The temptation to lie is at least somewhat powerful and effective that it is used against us all the time. It steals our hope and our goodwill. They do this because it works and there are very few negatives. Look at Volkswagen, BMW, Bayer, Ford… they are still operating today despite their WWII record of supporting the Nazi war effort.

not even B Corp . Certificate Separating the good from the bad, when the two least ethical companies I know became B Corps, I evaluated B Corp using the policies of the Sinaloa Cartel and the Nazi Party. Both are highly rated. It appears to be more of a CYA for institutional investors than a true measure of a company’s integrity.

Since companies are made up of people, the character of these people will determine the nature of the company. The old saying “the fish stinks from the head down” is figurative, figurative, but true in that bad bosses or CEOs define a company’s culture, whether it’s good or bad. They can starve the oxygen chamber for the better, and the good ones will leave. In the end, all that remains are people who are willing to put up with bad behavior for a paycheck, or are sociopaths enough to agree with it.

If you steal $100 from companies, you go to jail. If a company steals $100 from you, that means someone will get a promotion. This generates unintended consequences across society. This downward spiral of work ethic is what”work = activity“He intended to address it, to provide a model for doing good to society as much as contributors do.

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