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Indiana Democrats declare full support for recreational cannabis

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Solid highlight general support And the possibility of achieving economic boon for the state, that is, the Indiana Democrats She said Monday that they will continue to legalize marijuana in the next legislative session.

The Indiana Democratic Party used a file advertisement To broadcast its “full support for efforts to legalize recreational cannabis throughout the state,” and pressure Hoosier Republicans, particularly Governor Eric Holcomb, to join the reform effort.

The Democrats also cited a recent survey that showed that eight out of 10 adults in Indiana support legalizing marijuana.

“The legalization of marijuana in some form is supported by approximately 80 percent of Hoosiers and will provide the opportunity to create additional revenue streams for the state, create well-paying jobs, and develop a long-term cash crop for Indiana’s farming and business communities, providing medical opportunities for people like veterans and seniors in the state , and the process of simply writing off records for possession could begin across the state,” the Indiana Democratic Party She said in version.

The Democrats’ announcement Monday came on the eve of Organizing Day, the ceremonial opening of the legislative calendar when lawmakers will be sworn in and make preparations with colleagues for the next session, which begins in January.

In the announcement, Indiana Democratic Party Chairman Mike Schmull said Indiana voters are looking to their neighbors to recognize the benefits of legalization, as Midwestern states Illinois and Michigan end bans on pot within their borders.

Democrats said Indiana residents currently contribute “millions of dollars to the economies of Michigan and Illinois — where cannabis is legalized.” Democrats said legalizing marijuana in Indiana would ensure that the state’s economy had a “secure long-term cash crop for state corporations and farming communities, creating a revenue stream for the General Assembly to use in future cycles.”

“Hoosiers have seen the impact that the use of cannabis for recreational and medicinal purposes has had on the states around us, and not only has they contributed to the economies of neighboring countries, but Indiana is now on the cusp of a total loss. The vast Republican majority in the statehouse are losing economic sense,” Schmol said. If they don’t join the Democrats in this session in making this a winning opportunity for the Hoosier state.

“Marijuana is a really common issue, and the vast majority of Hoosiers want to see that implemented. Democrats are ready to take the lead in this effort because it is a win-win for Indiana, and it will deliver on the party’s steadfast promise to create a better future for Hoosier families. It’s time to legalize recreational cannabis across the state. Indiana”.

Legalization would represent a massive change in law enforcement in Indiana, where under current law, “possession of a single joint is punishable by up to one year in prison and a fine of up to $5,000,” According to the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP).

The MPP said Indiana is “now one of only 14 states that do not have an effective medical cannabis law, and one of only 19 states that still impose a prison sentence for mere possession of cannabis.”

The state’s Democratic Party said that along with broad public approval, there is also some bipartisan support for legalization, with some Republican lawmakers wanting to take the step.

But Holcomb, who is currently serving his second term as governor, has expressed opposition to legalization in the past. In 2019, Holcomb . was released I acknowledge He smoked weed when he was in college, but couldn’t get behind legalization until the federal government acted first.

“If the law is changed, we will consider all the positive or negative effects that it may have,” the governor said She said in time. “I am not convinced that other countries have made a wise decision.”

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