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Stop by Verilife to stock up on the season’s best cannabis gifts

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With eight conveniently located dispensaries in Illinois, Verilife is your one-stop shop for all your holiday weed needs.

The holiday season can be hectic — there are plans to make, gatherings to prepare for, meals to cook and shopping — but at its core, it’s all about doing something thoughtful for the people you care most about.

At Verilife dispensaries in Illinois, there is a deep belief that cannabis can be key to improving the quality of life. Their personalized customer service is designed to connect people with cannabis products that will make a difference. If you’re shopping for someone you love this season, Verilife is the perfect partner to help you choose something that will truly show you care.

With exceptional individual customer support and carefully curated products, Verilife can prepare you for the best in green giving. You can shop the full list for your area Verilife on LeaflyTo help you get started, we’ve rounded up some of the hottest items on dispensary shelves that deserve a spot at the top of your holiday shopping list.

Read on to find our favorite hemp products to show your interest this season from Verilife.

Thing. Razmatas sativa flower, 3.5g

Courtesy of Verilife

Thing. It takes a disciplined approach to producing some of the best medical and recreational cannabis on the market. With meticulous growing practices that produce consistent quality you can count on, is important. Whole flower creates with the kind of wholesome aroma and refreshing effect that will make any gift special.

Razzmatazz is a sativa strain derived from the Skunk #1 phenotype and is known to produce powerful uplifting effects. It brings sweet and fruity aromas to the party with a versatile terpene profile that will get you reaching for more. This delightful delight will be a hit with any of the sativa enthusiasts on your list.

Matter.lite Medipack Hybrid Pre-roll 2 x 0.5g

A few trusted pre-rolls are staples any weed smoker will appreciate, and this two-piece hybrid pack of light.lite is just the thing that will satisfy cannabis newcomers and old-timers alike.

Medipack is a 1:1 THC/CBD hybrid strain that stabilizes a sweet spot and provides effects beyond what you might think is low THC in it. 9.51% THC and 12.86% CBD work together to provide a powerful blend of mind and body comfort in a strain that is rich in terpenes and also tastes great.

Thing. Meltdown Hybrid Flower 3.5 g

Courtesy of Verilife

This breed has a good reputation as a stress reliever, something we know can make for a lot of feasts. Giving the Meltdown gift says that no matter what life throws at you, there are people out there who are looking for you and want you to get the best and feel the best you can be.

A unique hybrid derived from Orange Valley OG x The Cube, Meltdown is fruity and sweet with notes of lime and butter that eventually develop into a menthol flavor with citrus notes. A beautiful strain with thick colas showing off sugary buds, Meltdown makes a great gift for the cannabis lover in your life.

Thing. watermelon spots

Courtesy of Verilife

If you’re shopping for the foodie on your list, look no further than these sour watermelon spots. With no shortage of big, juicy fruit flavour, these cannabis-infused gummies deliver exhilarating, euphoric effects with 5mg of THC per piece. Vegan-friendly and made with emulsified THC for faster effects, Watermelon Patches 20 come in a pack and are ready to help start the holiday party.

Thing. Citral Flower Hybrid Glue, 3.5g

Courtesy of Verilife

If you have someone in your life who always appears with the darkest flower to share, give this strain of substance. This is the perfect opportunity to pay off all that sticky generosity. Citral Glue is an extremely potent strain derived from the GG4 x Citral Skunk cross. The resin-soaked buds of Citral Glue, a bushy-yielding plant, are a sight to blinded eyes, with the scent of gas, pine and citrus on the nose. Its highly relaxing effects are suited to relaxing after a big holiday meal, producing a mentally euphoric feeling perfect for reminiscing about the best moments of the past year.

Find all these holiday shopping list specials and more green gifts at Verilife near you.

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