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Renault Sparks Indian Colony opens two marijuana dispensaries in the Reno area

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RENO, NV (Colo) – The Indian colony of Reno Sparks announced Friday that it will open cannabis dispensaries in southern Reno and Verde.

The Reno South Infirmary has an area of ​​12,200 square feet, which RSIC said makes it the largest in Reno.

Both will be full service, including the option to drive, and are located on tribal land. It will be operated by Three Nations Cannabis, which is owned by RSIC, and is expected to open in January.

The South Renault location is located at 11570 S. Virginia, and this location was formerly an Infiniti dealership. Verdi will be located at 420 Interstate 40 West from Interstate 80.

The RSIC said it will follow the cannabis regulations set by the Cannabis Agreement between the state of Nevada and the Indian colony of Reno Sparks signed on January 29, 2020.

“Three cannabis countries advance RSIC’s economic diversification strategy that will create well-paying jobs for both tribal members and the general public,” RSIC President Arlan Melendez said in a statement. The center will also help RSIC invest resources in better aged care, education, health services, housing and infrastructure, language and culture, and youth services. The opportunities are endless.”

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