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How to Walk Your Cousins ​​on a Thanksgiving Grass Walk

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Thanksgiving is all about tradition, and there are few traditions that are more honored and yet not discussed more publicly than the annual weed parade baked among cousins.

You name it. Herbal appetizers. before the game. Halftime outing. Weed walking. Running beer. Safety meeting.

The goal is simple: hit the yoke with your cousins. How to get there may require some strategies.

The goal is simple: get out of the family gathering to enjoy a little weed with your cousins. You can return calmly, refreshed, refreshed, and an enhanced vegan appetite.

The strategies needed to carry out this task are as varied as the curling and collecting balls you call the family.

To help you get through Thanksgiving, I recently surveyed a group of experienced cannabis consumers to elicit tips, tricks, tips, and anecdotes regarding this annual ritual. Shareholders were granted anonymity in the name of the family’s vacation convenience.

Be prepared (and don’t forget the weed)

Think about your home’s exit, your activity, and your re-entry. You’ll need a reasonably legitimate excuse to leave, and you’ll have the smell of cannabis about you when you return.

J-man, a certified safety official on Thanksgiving, says: “If you’re worried about your breath, be sure to bring some mint or gum with you. Personally, I recommend cinnamon-flavored gum or mints, as the spice blends in with the specialties of Thanksgiving food.”

Others offered a list of items that should be hidden in the car, including:

  • eye drops
  • Febreze or any other perfumed spray
  • Basketball, soccer, soccer or any other sports device
  • lighter
  • hashish

Above all, bring enough warm outerwear to ensure your comfort. A puffer jacket and a knit hat are usually sufficient.

Don’t bring food

Your family can’t handle them. seriously. Words will spread, someone will insist on trying for the first time, and you will spend all evening talking about it. Or explain why the gum hasn’t started yet. Either way, it’s a losing streak.

Your family can’t handle food.

The joints work best because of the scroll factor and the all-encompassing sense of tradition. Bring a box of 3 to 5, and share.

Vapes are good, as they offer a more subtle option for a lower odor. And they make a good conversation piece. (“Tell me about this new Da Vinci! “)

No pads. This is neither the time nor the place to give anyone’s first touch.

Ah, tradition

It’s not a bad idea to “forget” one or two items outside in the car. Or display indecisive food that can be purchased at a nearby store.

Danksgiving Sam expert advises: “Always greet your grandmother before the safety meeting so she doesn’t smell bad when you get into a hug!”

Also: check in early with a cousin who is actually a lot larger than you. Align your goals. Make sure it doesn’t slip without you.

Find out your NFL time slots: The Detroit Lions always play Thanksgiving early game, Followed by the awesomeness of the Dallas Cowboys in Jerry World. The New Orleans Saints own the late game. This assortment has been a continuous tradition since the 1620s.

Cowboys are prime time for most safety meetings, when older folks who might resent you cheating on you will be stopped on the couch squabbling over “Boys don’t feed a Zeke ball.

Remember: no one cares about lions. However, your older males will always be encouraged by showing interest in the sports team from Texas. “How’s the cowboy doing, grandfather?” It is a question that serves as an effective mechanism for linking generations.

Keep your excuse to go out simple

No need to make this in a file The Da Vinci Code subplot. “Just going for a walk” will walk you out the door clean, 80% of the time. If a known family member (although we love them) volunteers to attend, tell them this is just a “cousins ​​only” outing. You might say, “You and I definitely need some time to catch up on what we missed this evening, but I only see this crew once a year and I really appreciate it.”

Stacy remembers: “My sisters and I would tell our parents we wanted to do the turkey escape ourselves. We’d take a smoky walk on a nearby driveway before we started cooking. Then we’d come back happy and ready to cook and take turns sneaking up on the aft deck while someone stood watching. Now that we’ve progressed At age, my parents don’t care and know exactly what’s going on.”

Alternately, you might say that you and your cousins ​​”make a plan” and hint that the excluded party will be surprised and delighted by the outcome of the plot.

Longtime safety officer Brad says: I’ll volunteer to pick up a can of beer an hour before dinner it’ll be ready so “no one has to go out afterwards”, so I’ll have a beer and on the way back smoke with my cousins. “

The veteran Tom recalls at Danksgiving: “My cousins ​​and I apologize to ourselves 90 minutes or so before dinner and say we want to go for a long walk to the park for ‘appetite boost’. We’d throw a basketball and get high, then walk back to the festivities in time to sit down and eat Food. Many years later we found out that there was another subset of seniors doing the same thing, but just outside outside.”

look for tags

Anna, not a beginner, says: “My older brother’s car is the place. When you start seeing some suggestive eye contact or a very specific group of people disappearing one by one, you know you have to head to the Hyundai or you risk losing your seat or seat.”

Develop your own language

Decorate your code for the holiday. Phrases like “Mama Stamberg’s cranberry flavor” or “Let’s go straight to the Rokers on the show road” can mean any number of things.

Stacy again: “My sisters and I always referred to herbs as ‘coffee,’ so it was always like, ‘Hey, I can use coffee with dessert. Anyone put the pot on? That was a signal to leave the bunker next to the back deck door to sip on.”

Setting is important

Everyone loves to joke about hotboxing, but if you heat up your brother’s Hyundai, you’ll walk out of the car smelling of weeds—your clothes, your skin, your hair, everything.

Fresh Air is Mother Nature’s Eraser Guide.

A walk to a nearby park, an empty yard, or along a roadside is usually a better option. Fresh Air is Mother Nature’s Eraser Guide.

The garage also offers opportunities of its own.

Emily says: “Our drinks fridge is in our windy, cold garage. I pull my vape as I walk into the garage, exhale while opening the fridge, and go home unscented, with a new bottle of wine. Have we run out of beer? There are some in the garage.” Sparkling water? I’ll go grab it. Need to keep that salad cold? I’ll put it in a safe place in the garage for you.”

Allow to expand the group

With endorsement coming, there may be surprising additions of guests to your group. Stay open-minded, but no need to spoil Cousin’s sense of calling Uncle Abate who suddenly becomes frustrated.

There may be room for Secondly Walking as a way of welcoming the formerly inexperienced. Or perhaps secretly experienced.

T. mentions: “On my grandmother’s last Thanksgiving, I dropped a bong in the sink while I was trying to clean it. It broke, just as my grandmother was walking. She looked over my shoulder, worried that I broke some china or something. When she saw it was just a small piece she had brought ‘Here, let me show you where your cousin’s hiding,’ said she, ’cause of course we have Grandma’s lair, and she knows where they all are.

Defunk after pre-func

Breaking news: You and your clothes are now smelling like weeds.

Consider leaving your jacket and hat in the car before heading home. Some prefer a quick spray of Febreze. Gum or mint can help. Wash your hands and face in Grandma’s guest bathroom – her soap has the strong rose scent of the old lady that will flatten those lingering turbines like a damned steamer.

You don’t have cousins? Treat yourself for a while

No cousins? Existing cousins ​​too nervous? Give yourself some private time in that guest room. Remember to place a towel over the gap between the door and the floor.

Nat says: “Going for a walk was always very suspicious. It was easier to go to the bathroom and stand on the toilet to blow it in the hole so your parents wouldn’t smell it. Just imagine you’re there making room, which is why you had to spray a lot of air freshener.”

And who would doubt that?

Go now. Eat. If you time it right, you are about to enjoy the most delicious Thanksgiving dinner you have had in your many years on this earth.

Praise the food makers excessively. Fill a second plate.

Your last task is to reveal and claim a comfortable chair or a comfortable place on the sofa. When this combination of THC and tryptophan kicks in inside you, my friend, you will enjoy a fair sleep.

Source: Leafly.com
Author Bruce Barcot

Grow guide for marijuana beginners.
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