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VA ‘looking at’ cannabis policy change for veterans (Newsletter: November 24, 2021)

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Germany moves to legalize marijuana; Congresswoman: We’re close to allowing DC sales; Medicinal cannabis cultivation bill from the Palestinian Authority; MT relieves the limitations of CBD

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/ The most important things to know

a Working group of parties in the next government in the German coalition government They approved a plan to legalize marijuana. They will also allow drug screening services as a broader harm reduction measure.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-New York) In a new interview with New York’s top marijuana regulator, he said he wants to prevent large corporations from taking over the cannabis industry.

  • “That the adults come and earn all the money is meaningless.”

Ahead of the Washington, D.C. House hearing on a bill to legalize marijuana sales on Friday, Representative Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC) It said it was “closer than ever” to removing a federal contestant banning the cannabis trade in the nation’s capital.

a Bipartisanship of Pennsylvania Senators It introduces a bill to allow medical cannabis patients to grow their own drugs instead of having to buy them at a dispensary.

The revenue management in montana Eliminates proposed rules that would have prohibited the employment of marijuana in the marijuana industry for people with prior convictions for cannabis and restricted sales in the CBD.

Some advocates of marijuana reform in Arizona He says the state’s social justice program will end up benefiting large cannabis companies rather than small players from communities affected by the drug war.

  • “This is a program, as it is currently written, designed to fail.”

/ federation

Rahul Gupta, Director of the White House Office of National Narcotics Policy evade Questions About sites for safe consumption of prohibited drugs. It was also festive oath To the new role of Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV).

DEA Director Ann Milgram He claimed that fentanyl is put into marijuana, among other drugs.

Senator Cory Booker (Democrat, New Jersey) He discussed his opposition to passing banking marijuana legislation before blanket legalization.

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) She spoke about her letter asking President Biden to pardon people convicted of marijuana use.

Representative Nancy Mays (R-SC) She responded to opposition to the marijuana legalization bill from the South Carolina Republican Party. she also chirp“#StatesReformAct will give incarcerated nonviolent marijuana criminals a second chance in the federal criminal justice system, affecting nearly 2,600.”

Representative Dave Joyce (R-OH) He tweeted, “Great meeting with @USCannabisCncl on how Congress can enact beneficial cannabis reform to improve lives and livelihoods. I have worked for years to protect the rights of states that have overturned vague/discriminatory cannabis policies. Time to act at the federal level.”

Democratic Senate candidate for Pennsylvania John Fetterman, currently the Lieutenant Governor, tweeted, “Annual deaths from THC/Weed overdose continue to <ملاحظات الشيكات> Zero at all. ✅ Remove it from the first table. ✅ Believe it. ✅ Erase the convictions. ✅ Commonsense Homegro.

Virginia’s Republican congressional candidate Hirak Christian Kim He tweeted, “It is imperative for GlennYoungkinWinsomeSearsJasonMiyaresVA to decriminalize marijuana in Virginia in collaboration with @VASenateGOP & @vahousegop. Put drug control leaders into the Virginia Department of Health and Education. Illegal aliens perpetuate drug cartels and drug use!”

/ States

campaign Florida Democratic candidate for governor Charlie Crist, currently a congressman, is selling a T-shirt to legalize marijuana.

Indiana The House Speaker said legalizing marijuana was “meaningless,” but the majority leader said there was “room for debate” on the issue.

The Louisiana House Medical Marijuana Committee held a he heard.

Mississippi Lawmakers said they do not expect a special hearing to pass medical cannabis legalization.

Utah Lawmakers are resisting municipalities that penalize local workers for the use of legal medicinal cannabis.

a Texas The Court of Appeals upheld an injunction against the state’s ban on Delta-8 THC.

Montana Supreme Court officials are working to create a new drug court focused on expunging marijuana convictions.

Connecticut Officials circulated a warning about reports of possible marijuana containing fentanyl.

Colorado Regulators have issued health and safety guidelines regarding potentially unsafe levels of mercury in First Class LLC’s medicinal cannabis flower.

Michigan Regulators released additional information about the recall of marijuana products and published a bulletin About conducting a retest.

Alabama Regulators have released draft rules for how doctors can recommend medical cannabis.

New Mexico Regulators issued the state’s first recreational marijuana license.

South Dakota Regulators granted the state’s first medical cards to cannabis patients.

Oregon Regulators have released a technical patch to the proposed cannabis rules.

New Jersey Organizers discussed marijuana issues at the New Jersey League of Municipalities event.

/ Sweetened

Milwaukee, Wisconsin Joint Council members released a statement opposing a new bill to decriminalize the state that would impose an increase in domestic marijuana penalties.

San Francisco, California The mayor announced plans to purchase a property to house a safe consumption site for illegal drugs.

Federal judge dismissed Van Buren, Michigan Several local police officials from a lawsuit claim that they carried out an illegal raid on the cultivation of licensed medical cannabis.

/ international

British Virgin Islands Prime Minister Andrew Fahey said he was optimistic the government’s cannabis bill would win the governor’s approval.

that Australian The senator introduced a marijuana legalization bill.

a Colombian The senator visited Colorado to learn about marijuana policy.

The New Zealand The Ministry of Primary Industries is financing the establishment of a plant for processing hemp seeds.

/ Science and Health

A study found that medical marijuana laws “increase the likelihood that a 30- to 39-year-old woman will have an… Man powerand reducing the time unemployed men aged 20-29 spend looking for work.”

Study investigating marijuana Skunk smell “Highlighting the chemical origins of Distinctive smell of cannabis And how volatile sulfur compound production develops during plant growth. “

Advocacy, opinion and analysis

The Indiana Democratic Party He wrote on Twitter, “Indgop made it clear that they value outdated partisanship before creating a better economic future for Hoosier State. The majority of Hoosiers support cannabis legalization and INDems are ready to make this a special effort for 2022.”

The American Cannabis Council Organized a signed letter from marijuana business leaders calling on President Joe Biden to pardon people convicted of cannabis.

ASTM International Approved a standard for sampling hemp seeds intended for human consumption.

The National Industrial Hemp Council Launches a pilot program for cannabis testing and labeling standards.

head South Dakota Chamber of Commerce and Industry He said he believes marijuana will be a big problem in the legislature in 2022.

The Virginian-Pilot تحرير Editorial Board The incoming Republican House majority is urging legislation to speed up marijuana sales.

/ a job

Collimated Separates the role of CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors.

from 43 Ohio medical cannabis companies of which have been sold within the past two years, 37 have been purchased by multi-state operators.

/ culture

Berner She sparked an upcoming social media collaboration with Weedmaps.

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