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Lady Bud’s Cannabis Documentary Explores Female Entrepreneurs in New Edition

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A new documentary about cannabis titled Lady Bud, to be released this weekend, explores the lives and challenges of female entrepreneurs.

The cannabis industry has benefited greatly from specialized documentaries, which offer a professional way to educate viewers about the stigma of cannabis, its history in the war on drugs, or its effectiveness as medicine. movies like hashish (2013), featuring CNN’s chief medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta, who opened up the conversation about medicinal cannabis for the nation. people’s herbs (2018) explores the efficacy of medical cannabis for children. The grass is greener (2019) examines the history of music and its depiction of the war on drugs.

Now is the time to enjoy a new cinematic adventure in the form of Lady BudA unique perspective on cannabis business owners from all walks of life.

Lady Bud It chronicles the lives and work of a diverse group of individuals in Northern California, varying in race, age, and sexual orientation. Seven women, representing six cannabis companies, appeared in Lady Bud: Sue Taylor, Sheah Rodrix, Felicia Carvajal, Karen Wagner, and the Bud Sisters (Pearl Moon and Dr. Joyce Centofante). From farming to dispensary ownership and positional creativity, these women all faced numerous challenges during the 2017-2019 window when the documentary was filmed. Lady Bud It offers an up-close look into the lives of each subject, but also challenges stereotypes of both “stones” in general, as well as those of women in industry.

Check out this exclusive clip from the movie, which features Karen Wagner sharing an experience her business faced shortly after legalization began in California. Enjoy this sneak peek!

High Times He gave an exclusive interview to director, producer and writer Chris J. Russo on High Times November issue, also known as “The Woman’s Affair”, where she provided an inside look at her film and the kind of experience it offers audiences. According to Rousseau, Lady Bud It’s the first of its kind – and it all started with a statistic about women in the industry that I’ve been stuck with. Some major studies have produced some shocking data about women in the industry, or lack thereof.

Back in 2015, according to a study by Marijuana Business Daily (MBD), 36 percent of women hold executive positions in the industry. By 2017, this percentage had decreased by 26.9 percent, and then increased again to 36.8 percent by 2019. MBD’s 2021 Report Worthy “Women and minorities in the cannabis industry“It shows a steady decline in both women and people of color alike.

Lady Bud It highlights the issues women face in the industry, but also highlights the challenges facing all of the smaller cannabis companies fighting to compete with the larger cannabis companies. “This movie is like nothing you’ve ever seen before because there’s never been a movie that shows such a wide range of areas that it’s quite like watching them through a female lens,” Russo said. High Times. “In my film, she explores the challenges of the entire supply chain with women directly involved. I like to make films that I want to see, so I want to see more women in positions of power in very positive roles.”

If you live near Los Angeles or San Francisco, check out the following live stream theatrical events:

November 26-27: Glendale Limeley Theatre, 207 N. Maryland Ave., Glendale, CA 91206

November 29: Roxy Theater, 3117 16th St. San Francisco, CA 94103

The movie will be released in Select theaters On November 26, it will also be available on video-on-demand services such as Itunes.

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