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Want an earth-loving home? Get hemp concrete from these companies

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Believe it or not, sustainable and carbonless housing is now possible. Hempcrete, hemp wool, and other hemp building materials make this possible.

Have you heard of healthy homes? No, it’s not a house with a lot of healthy food inside.

Sanitary houses or buildings are those that are constructed with due regard to the physical and mental well-being of the inhabitants. It may refer to an architectural style that improves mental health.

It can also refer to the materials used in the construction of the house. Substances such as hemp. Hemp is a non-toxic, environmentally friendly substance that proactively improves the health of the population. It traps carbon dioxide2 It keeps the air healthy.

Who wouldn’t want a home like this? Check out these 11 companies that create concrete using hemp concrete.

  1. The Cannabis Foundation

Yes, this is our brand. We put ourselves first. But we do not believe that this placement is undeserved. Here’s why.

Hemp is much more than just a cannabis market. It is also a social and environmental issue that fights for the right of Indian farmers to earn a living.

Hemp Corporation wholesales cannabis herbs. This is the raw material from which hemp concrete is made.

Hemp is grown in an Indian state called Uttarakhand. The soil and climate here are ideal for growing high-quality cannabis.

Hemp is grown by formerly unemployed farmers. Cannabis cultivation gives them the opportunity to earn a stable living.

We also sell raw hemp fibres. With this, you can make hemp wool. This is a great insulating material to protect against harsh weather and sound.

Hemp fibers are processed into fabric and wool by Mandakini weavers. Mandakini is a network of weavers in the Kedar Valley in Uttarakhand. The mission of this group is to achieve the economic and social empowerment of women.

  1. Only BioFiber

Energy saving? Check. sustainable? Check. Mold, mildew and fire resistant? Triple check.

The production of traditional building materials is one of the largest contributors to global greenhouse gas emissions. JBF’s vision was to create a building system that would reduce cost and waste, while increasing the quality of living.

Choose building materials with Reduce environmental impact. This substance was hemp lime.

JBF has received a patent for a building system based on structural blocks. These blocks are superior in quality to all available alternatives. It is now available internationally.

The company promises low-cost, low-maintenance homes using BioFiber blocks. Lumps made of hemp fibers can trap carbon dioxide.

Bio-fiber blocks are available for wholesale. JBF also design and construct buildings. This project is called Harmless Home.

  1. Hempitecture Company

Primal diets, green smoothies, yoga, etc. We are obsessed with living a healthy lifestyle and what goes into our bodies. Trust me, I’m guilty of this too. But hardly anyone cares about the house we live in.

Traditional brick and mortar dwellings contain tons of toxins. Living in those homes always means inhaling those toxins.

Earth-made building materials can increase our enjoyment of the world. Well, that’s at least what Hempitecture thinks.

The company aims to build healthy and energy efficient structures. But it doesn’t stop there. They want the structures to positively impact both the population and the environment. This is achieved with hemp.

Hempitecture Inc. uses aerated concrete and Hemp wool.

Hemp wool is used for sound and heat insulation of the interior. Hemp fibers condense into lumps and are used as an insulating material. Hemp fibers are good choices for keeping you cool and warm.

Hempcrete is made by mixing hemp and lime sticks. The reaction leads to carbon sequestration. This means atmospheric carbon is absorbed through the material, offsetting the carbon produced during construction. This makes it an environmentally friendly project.

Hempitecture does it all. The company provides objective materials, equipment and expertise to those passionate about building eco-friendly structures.

  1. Direct Hempcrit

Using hemp to build your dream home can be a pretty wild concept to wrap your head around. Cannabis’s cousin is a soft narcotic after all.

Hempcrete Direct is working to eliminate this misinterpretation in the United States

This company provides hemp for construction projects. It also connects contractors with homeowners interested in green homes.

Their website contains in-depth details about the advantages of hemp over other building materials. It’s a good resource to look for when starting a construction project.

Hempcrete Direct is also passionate about making hemp a more popular building material in the United States and Canada. They are involved with organizations that provide licenses to build using hemp.

Hemp is a very new building material. Not many know how to apply it to construction projects, and herein lies the problem. Hempcrete Direct provides on-site training for contractors. They teach them the craft of building with hemp.

  1. ISOHemp

Low-impact housing is the future. Well, it should be. ISO Hemp, a company that covers 5 countries, helps make this a reality nowadays.

Increased health and comfort, while reducing energy consumption is the main motto of ISOHemp.

Its factory has been developed to be sustainable and environmentally friendly. The entire process is automated, making hemp concrete available at competitive prices.

Since it’s automated, you might think that production takes a lot of energy. This is not the case. The station is powered by only 10 washing machines.

The blocks are made through a 4-step process.

  1. Mixture: They mix the raw materials. Hemp, water and lime.
  2. Coordinate: They make the mixture into blocks of varying thickness using a press. Thickness can be customized between 6 to 30 cm.
  3. Therapy: They dry the blocks in the open air. This makes it ready to handle.
  4. palletizing: The robotic arm installs the blocks, which are again dried in air for 6 to 10 weeks.

Although this process may seem tedious, ISOHemp manufactures more than one million blocks of cannabis annually.

  1. global hemp technology

Mold, fire and termite resistant housing. Who can say no to this? Moreover, the construction with hemp makes the structure breathable, energy efficient, sound and cold insulated. This is a big yes if you ask me.

Moreover, hemp homes are also known to last longer.

Despite all its advantages, hemp concrete is not widely known. Hemp Tech Global is striving to fix that. They make hemp concrete and more hemp materials and sold globally.

For more than a decade, Hemp Tech Global has been collaborating with architects around the world. They came up with several energy-efficient buildings. All thanks to hemp.

This company is one of the few companies to use hemp floorboards. So not only those around you, you will also get the benefits of cannabis from under you.

Hemp Tech Global believes that hemp is the answer to many of the world’s problems. Its mission is to establish the cannabis economy and see it thrive.

  1. United Kingdom Hempcrete

Carbon-neutral homes are becoming a thing of the past. Negative carbon is where it is now. Hempcrete homes are healthy for the residents and the environment.

UK Hempcrete specializes in construction using hemp concrete and other natural building materials. They supply materials and provide consulting and training services.

But that’s not where the services stop. UK Hempcrete has specialist architects who can design your projects from start to finish.

Sanitary buildings are a concept that everyone is talking about. But how exactly can the structure be intact? They can be non-toxic, sure, but are they healthy? For the building to be healthy, the physical, physiological and social health of the residents is taken into account.

Hemp is one of the few materials that can be used to build a healthy home. Hemp is free of chemicals and toxins. No toxic gases are added to the material at any stage of production. Therefore, when living in the building, it does not inappropriately release toxic gases.

Hemp is also mold and mildew resistant. So, if a builder tells you that mold-proof walls are impossible, tell them I said otherwise. This significantly reduces the cost of future maintenance of the building.

UK Hempcrete’s professional services allow you to achieve this utopia.

  1. USA hemp block

You’ve certainly heard old people say, “The buildings these days are not as good as they were in the previous days.” Well, I think they’re right. Concrete and brick construction, although it may appear durable, wears out faster. Hemp is here to change that.

Hemp Block USA’s mission is to transform the construction industry into a sustainable industry. They accomplish this using hemp. It is carbon negative and affordable.

Hemp and lime compound is very easy to install. It is made from 84% hemp. It only requires a little mortar to install. You won’t believe it, but installation only takes a minute per square foot.

Hygroscopic hemp blocks. This means that hemp walls can transmit moisture through them. This allows it to control humidity and temperature.

Hemp Block USA provides materials sourcing, architecture, and support services. This company also has a subsidiary in Australia called Hemp Block Australia. It is Australia’s only supplier of hemp bearing blocks.

  1. Australian Masonic Corporation

Climate change. With this, the structure of the houses has to be changed as well. The Australian company Hemp Masonry is the only company to have hemp concrete designed for various climates.

They have been leading the green building game since 1999 in Australia and have many accolades to their name. The company developed all of its products during a 12-year research period. 6 years in collaboration with the University of NSW and 6 years in the field.

The company works closely with small and medium-sized cannabis growers to ensure the industry is strengthened and stable. It also works with communities looking to transition to sustainable housing.

This company also does some great research on their hemp building materials. I once set fire to a hemp wall for an hour with bushwood. You’d think after an hour of burning, the wall would collapse. But this was not the case. No damage was done to the wall.

I think this is very cool. It is especially applicable to a country like Australia which is notorious for its bushfires.

Hemp is also known to be energy efficient. By spending a little extra on hemp insulation, owners don’t have to invest in cooling systems. They won’t have recurring operating costs either. So it also helps you save money.

  1. Greengames

GreenJams is an Indian green technology social enterprise. Its mission is to transform the built environment into an eco-friendly one. GreenJams is proud to have made the world’s strongest hemp krait.

Hemp can store more carbon weight than the intrinsic weight of mass. This makes it an excellent choice for building carbon-neutral homes. It is also mold, rot and rodent resistant. Therefore, a house built of hemp will last longer than a concrete counterpart.

GreenJams got into green building to solve two problems; Construction and climate change. However, their solution resolved three; Construction, climate change and farmers’ livelihoods.

GreenJams has also created a unique product. Agrocrete. It is made from crop residues and industrial by-products. Agrocrete speeds up construction time and reduces the amount of cement needed.

  1. hemp building

Hemp Build specializes in the construction of hemp concrete Isohemp. They also provide hemp building materials to contractors and builders.

This company uses non-bearing concrete blocks. It is a lightweight material that can be used to build floors, walls and ceilings.

It is said that hemp regulates itself and reacts to the emotions of the people who live in that building. As a result of this, the health of the population also flourishes.

Did you know that hemp blocks are easy to install? It’s so easy, in fact, that you can complete self-build projects with it. If you need help with any step of the project, Hemp Build is here to help. But, you may not need it.

If sustainability is on your checklist, you now know that hemp should feature in your project. I firmly believe that cannabis is the solution to many problems and I am excited to make others realize this. Use hemp concrete and other hemp building materials in your dream home. Building a home that lasts.

Grow guide for marijuana beginners.

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