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Official: New German ruling coalition to legalize recreational cannabis use

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Even the most difficult “doctors only” German Voices within the cannabis industry have been spreading the news across all social media including LinkedIn for the past week, even before the news became official. But as of Wednesday, that has officially changed. The new one is calledTraffic Lights Alliance“Recreational cannabis use will already be legalized with a bill being introduced in German Bundestag Next year.

For those who fought for the same thing, in the trenches, for years if not decades, it’s an exciting moment. It’s also electrifying the industry, which now has more than 100 distribution licenses specializing in medical cannabis, a growing patient base (estimated at 100,000 at this point), and a topic that won’t stop. Especially since the Swiss (partly a German speaking country) do the same. This is especially important given the timing. Germany may overtake Luxembourg in entertainment debates within the European Union.

However, no matter how exciting it is, the devil, as always, is in the details. To what extent, what exactly, and how it will be implemented is still up in the air. Cannabis has not actually been decriminalized, there are all kinds of weird case law and there are still a lot of laws that need to be changed in the room.

What is known so far

The reason for such a big deal is that the announcement comes as the three parties that won the most votes in the federal election in September struck the deal to work together with common board That includes cannabis reform (along with phasing out coal by 2030 with at least 15 million electric cars on the road). After that, it is just a matter of drafting the legislation and submitting it to the German parliament. Unlike the United States, where there have been several failed attempts to pass a federal legalization law, this law is almost guaranteed to pass. Germans are funny like that.

Here is actually what is official. In a statement issued by the Social Democratic Party, the Green Party and the Free Democratic Party, this is what the coalition intends to do. “We provide a controlled supply of cannabis for adults to consume in authorized stores. This controls the quality [of marijuana], prevents the transfer of polluting materials and ensures the protection of minors.

The government will review the experiment within four years to determine its impact (including economic and social). However, there is little chance of undoing such a step forward.

Issues and problems along the way

It’s not like this is going to be a smooth sailing. There are a few major issues to address. One of the most important of these steps is how to amend the federal drug law in the country. Cannabis, including CBD, is considered a cannabinoid. This is really outside the scope of EU policy on itself (with a lawsuit pending to change that). Regardless, add THC to the mix, and there will be some great business and legal vultures to make the change in not just the new legislation, but that governs and regulates medical diversity.

German influence

There is no doubt that Germany’s transition to recreational cannabis use will advance the debate across Europe – perhaps in the same time frame in which it affected the medical conversation. Just four years ago, the concept of using medicinal cannabis even for pain relief was a very strange, often socially unacceptable topic. Today there are about 100,000 German patients.

The Germans may not have arrived yet, but they are definitely on the way.

This is definitely a turning point in Colorado if you are not Canadian. However, it may also be that it is not only about Germany, or even Europe, but global and global.

As in international news Mexico Implementation of recreational reform by the end of the year and Italians He potentially has the power to vote to legalize personal property and home-grown as of next spring, not to mention both. Luxembourg And Switzerland Certainly moving forward in their recreational markets, it is clear that the complete and definitive reform of cannabis is now a major topic and goal at the federal level for many countries.

This will also, no doubt, stimulate controversy in the United States. If Germany can do it, less than four years after the federal legalization of its medical market, what is the US waiting for? Or for that matter China? In the latter case, with the corporate real estate market collapsing, perhaps finally, and on a global scale, cannabis is a great if not green and global investment.

Meanwhile, the last days of the ban have arrived clearly and on a global scale.

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