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What cannabis dispensaries can offer to customers to increase sales per transaction

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Boulder, Colo.weave, the cannabis retail software provider behind the Point of Sale (POS) solutions suite, and has worked in close collaboration with a multi-country operator body and mind (BaM) to develop a robust, integrated, customized platform that facilitates online ordering while addressing associated pain points. By addressing everything from METRC compliance reporting to an elegant caregiver solution, this innovative partnership cemented the first online ordering integration for Ohio Board of Pharmacy-certified cannabis stores.

Early data from BaM and other customers demonstrated the value of upfront order collection, which prompted WeaveIQ to create the online ordering plugin. Soon, Body and Mind joined in as a partner, accelerating and supporting development and offering their positions as first adopters. This relationship is part of a trend in the cannabis industry, fueling closer interconnections between companies at different stages of the vertical chain. WeaveIQ and Body and Mind are excellent examples of progressive collaboration between two innovative companies, leveraging each other’s strengths.

of the partnership, said Tripp Hoffman, chief operating officer of BaM. “Working directly with WeaveIQ has given us the upper hand in bridging the gap between compliance, transactions and the online customer experience. Weave has gone above and beyond to create a powerful, simple, and modern solution that has helped us rapidly expand our operations and build our customer base.”

James Ontiveros, CEO of WeaveIQ, believes that their cannabis selling platform is what small businesses and large organizations alike are looking for.

“Our success is largely due to our customers. From the beginning, we decided to build our company by listening to the needs of these business owners and solving the challenges they face daily. This inspired us to build an intuitive ecosystem without any bloat, and this ensures that we are constantly working on real-world problems” .

WeaveIQ’s online ordering system is seamlessly integrated into its point of sale software. Key features include real-time inventory, automatic app promotions, and live tax rates pulled directly from the POS software. Customers can also access their purchase history, loyalty points, order status, and more. In addition, the attractive and user-friendly design makes its integration with existing compliance systems a snap.

WeaveIQ first launched its range of dispensary POS solutions in early 2017 at a small cannabis retail store in Boulder, Colorado. Since then, they have operated in 61 cities in 9 states and facilitated more than 5.5 million transactions. BaM chose WeaveIQ as its point of sale partner when it opened its first store in Elyria, Ohio, and worked with them to expand into California, Arkansas, and soon in Michigan and Illinois. Historical proprietary data shows that using WeaveIQ’s online ordering solution can increase sales per transaction by more than $40. Body and Mind alone boasts the largest online sales volume in Ohio and accounts for more than $45 million in total sales nationwide.

Currently, WeaveIQ is working on additional upgrades, including ‘offline mode’, a global delivery integration for cases that allow it, and an AI learning algorithm that can predict consumer demand patterns.

About WeaveIQ

WeaveIQ simplifies and modernizes cannabis operations. We do this by designing programs that naturally flow with the way people move through their day. WeaveIQ’s cannabis selling platform enhances all aspects of the company’s performance – revenue growth, cost optimization, profitability, customer loyalty, and market share expansion. Our vision is to reach beyond expectations, beyond comparisons, and beyond boundaries. Please visit https://weaveiq.com for more information.

About body and mind

Body and Mind Inc. It is a multinational operating company focused on operations and invests in the cultivation, production and trade of high quality medical and recreational cannabis. Our wholly owned Nevada subsidiary has been granted one of the first licenses to grow medical marijuana and holds both cultivation and production licenses. BaM products include dried and edible flowers, oils and extracts, as well as GPEN Gio cartridges. BaM cannabis strains have won numerous awards, including the 2019 Las Vegas Weekly Bud Bracket, Las Vegas Hempfest Cup 2016, High Times Top Ten, NorCal Secret Cup and Emerald Cup.

BaM continues to expand its operations in Nevada, California, Arkansas and Ohio and is dedicated to increasing shareholder value by focusing resources on improving operational efficiencies, facility expansions, government licensing opportunities, as well as mergers and acquisitions. Please visit www.bodyandmind.comhttp://www.bodyandmind.com> for more information.


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