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6 rock stars who rock the cannabis business

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Some rock stars don’t just rock the stage – they rock it themselves cannabis a job.

with creativity and Empathy enhancing effectsIt makes sense why so many musicians open up about their love for Mary Jane, whether it’s out of creativity, medical reasons, or just for fun. You may have heard of brands like Leafs by Snoop, TICAL or Marley, which are some of the popular brands. Cannabis business backed by musicians. However, these six rockers and their lesser-known cannabis brands deserve a bit of spotlight, too.

6 famous rockers have joined the cannabis industry.

The Clown (Sean Crahan)

Photo by: Wikimedia Commons

Percussionist Slipknot became iconic during the Covid-19 lockdowns and joined Heavy Grass and HashBone with his cannabis line, Clown Cannabis.

The signature line Clown Cannabis contains a potent blend of 75 percent indica flower and 25 percent citrus paradise bubble hash with amazing lab-tested. THC Level 40 percent or higher. I’m sure fans will enjoy this at home and more at the Slipknot party.

Evan Modi

Photo: Facebook / Moody’s Medicinals

The Five Finger Death Punch singer has his own Convention on Biological Diversity Moody’s Medicinals, Inc. offers products from beverages to lip balms.

After months of vocal abuse at work, Moody needed a throat spray. His problem was mostly sugars or alcohol. These things will not work for a recovering addict. Necessity is the mother of invention, and this is the beginning behind Moody’s Medicinals, a pure CBD product line.

Moody’s offers Variety of excellent products For anyone in the market for CBD.

Mike Dirt

Photography: Cytaty Stawnych Ludzi

The Green Day bassist is an investor in Goldenseed which owns 100 myrtle farms outside of Santa Cruz, California. Half of Goldenseen is about growing cannabis and chopsticks for medicine and entertainment use.

Mike first got involved when his wife Britney Kidd underwent chemotherapy for breast cancer. “She couldn’t drink or eat and was constantly nauseous,” Dirnt explains in an interview with diverse. “The difference after I started taking these pills was like night and day. There was light at the end of the tunnel.”

Goldenseed products in 85 states of california dispensaries Where you can buy both the flower or Pre-rolls. Drent recommends the Sunset Sherbet indica hybrid Pre-rolls With terpene chips – Winner of the High Times NorCal Cannabis Cup and Hempcon.

Shavo Odajian

Photo: Facebook / 22Red

System Guitarist is one of the founders of 22Red. 22 Red is not just weed clinic The brand also focuses on fashion, music and wellness.

Odadjian loves to use his creativity and passion in the cannabis business. He created the brand name 22Red because of his interest in numerology and synesthesia. The number 22 represents a major life event for Udjian, and the energy towards his dreams, like the way he put his energy towards his cannabis brand. 22Red offers a hardy, dominant Indian hybrid called the DC22 and L.A. Punk. According to lab testing, the DC22 test at 34.9 and the LA Punk test at 30.2 percent THC.

22 red lines Our premium hemp and hemp-derived CBD options are carefully selected with individual and consumers in mind. All of their products are hand selected by Odadjian himself to ensure that buyers receive the best quality.


Photography: Facebook / Heavy Consequences

The iconic heavy metal band of the ’80s teamed up with multimedia brand Heavy Consequence to launch the Bud of Gods cannabis line.

Bud of the gods produces Small infusions of sour Tsunami flower, an indica favorite hybrid with a tropical citrus taste. They have everything from chewing gum to Pre-rolls, Including Delta Products 8.

Hollywood Undead

Photography: Josh Pearson

When J-Dog isn’t on our tour, he’s in his garden. The Hollywood Undead came out with nu-metal cannabis label Dove and Grenade Industries when Vocalist and Guitarist Jorel Decker (J-Dog) debuted discover his love of hemp cultivation.

Decker started making eater And gum for his father in a cancer shelter. When his father passed away, grief took Decker away from his plants and band. One afternoon in his garden, he knew he couldn’t let any of these things die either and he brought the rest of the band on his plan to create Pigeon and hand grenade, a line of cannabis named after one of their songs.

Have you tried any of these cannabis brands? If so, what do you think? Let us know in the comments below. Do not forget Follow CLN For the latest news, editorials, tips and more.

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