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AltaSci Labs Hires New Technicians Before Recreational Cannabis Sales Begin – NBC Connecticut

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Connecticut’s cannabis industry is growing, as a local company is hiring new employees to handle a new client base.

AltaSci Labs in New Britain is boosting staff now, before recreational sales begin next year.

Everything in laboratories is equipment that can be found in any pharmaceutical quality control testing facility. AltiSci tests the potency of medical cannabis, and ensures that it reaches the standard level to reach the market.

“For the past 10 years, we have focused solely on servicing the medical marijuana program. We have been here since day one,” said Jose Zavaleta, director of AltaSci Laboratories. “We are confident that what we test represents what will be sold.”

Now, they are looking to recreational sales. Zavaleta says that legalizing cannabis in Connecticut only means more samples are getting to AltaSci labs. The increased demand will mean more work for technicians.”

“If anything, the regulations that have now been published have added more testing,” he said.

This is why AltaSci is bringing in more lab technicians.

“We really see we’re a team of about 15 people, maybe more, once the entertainment really starts,” Zavaleta said.

They’ve already hired two new technicians, and plan to bring in two more before recreational sales begin in full swing. It takes about five months for the technician to train, Zavaleta says.

“Hiring now would put us in the right place, you know, that great spot of people who are independent and know what to do when we expect higher productivity on our tests,” he said.

Everyone who joins the team will bring a strong scientific background.

“They have either bachelor’s degrees in chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology, biology, so it’s a broad range of science skills,” Zavaleta said.

The lab is now making preparations to meet the demands created by an emerging client base in Connecticut.

“The medical program was a great one, and since we’re using that as a springboard, I think we had a great starting point,” Zavaleta said. “It’s something we’re really glad our employees are getting training on.”


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