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Not So Fast: Null Results in Cannabis Science

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Cannabis can benefit physical and mental health in countless ways by taking advantage of the endocannabinoid system that is highly connected to our body and seeks balance. It can also cause harm. But in some cases, researchers find no effect at all, also known as a zero score. This could be due to a real lack of influence, or simply to the details of the study design – and the distinction between the two is an essential function of science as an iterative and evolving practice.

Three recent research papers serve as useful examples: one assesses the effect of smoked cannabis on PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder(Severity of symptoms Someone reviews the link between cannabinoids derived from cannabis)CBN) and sleep quality; and one test Convention on Biological Diversity As a treatment for arthritis pain. None of these papers reported evidence of positive or negative results. But they still play a role in the larger scientific process by building on previous research and informing subsequent inquiries.

cannabis & Post-traumatic stress disorder

Rick Doblin maps Fame as the first author of an article published in Plus One 1 Earlier this year, he described the first randomized, placebo-controlled trial of smoked cannabis for PTSD. He is best known for his work with MDMA, or ecstasy, founder and CEO of the Interdisciplinary Society for the Studies of Psychedelic Drugs here investigates the potential of three different types of smoked cannabis (THC-dominant, Convention on Biological DiversityDominant and balanced THC/Convention on Biological Diversity) to cure Post-traumatic stress disorder – He finds no better than an inactive placebo. But that still doesn’t mean cannabis won’t help; It just means that among the 80 study participants, and all active cannabis users, expectations about cannabis effects were statistically as strong as any additional benefit derived from actual exposure. THC And Convention on Biological Diversity during the study. Furthermore, “given the topical nature of the current trial and its relevance to public policy on medical cannabis, participants may be biased in reporting positive effects regardless of condition,” the authors wrote. “Additional studies are well controlled and sufficiently potent with appropriate cannabis Food and Drug Administration Drug development is needed to determine if smoked cannabis improves symptoms Post-traumatic stress disorder. After posting a file Plus One paper, maps Receiving $13 million from Michigan for “Phase Two” of cannabisPost-traumatic stress disorder Clinical trial It involved 320 military veterans.

CBN & asleep

Search the internet forCBNor ‘Cannabinol’ and most results (other than those referring to Christian Broadcasting Network) will mention sleep. One of the well-known ‘secondary’ cannabinoids, CBN is the oxidized form THC, created as cannabis ages. It is also widely marketed as a sleep aid that enhances sedation. However, this assertion is not supported by the scientific literature, a point made in the August 2021 review in Hemp and hemp research 2; Of eight high-quality studies published between 1945 and 2021. “There is not enough published evidence to support claims related to sleep,” wrote Jimmy Coron of the San Diego Center for Medical Cannabis Education. “Randomized controlled trials are needed to substantiate the claims made by the manufacturers of cannabis products containing CBN. Individuals seeking hemp-derived sleep aids should be skeptical of the manufacturers’ claims about sleep-promoting effects.” While this finding does not conclusively prove it CBN useless as a sleep aid, it would probably refer to one of two possibilities: either any claim to it CBN associated with better sleep is completely bogus, or that any benefit is actually a byproduct of other characteristics of being older or higherCBN hemp, like high THC Content or different terpene profiles.

Convention on Biological Diversity & arthritis

Current evidence indicates this Convention on Biological Diversity It is stronger as a dwelling when combined with THC. But due to the greater availability and different legal status of Convention on Biological DiversityProducts Only, Researchers continue to investigate the potential of cannabidiol on its own to treat pain associated with a variety of ailments. The Denmark-based team recently published a research paper in the journal Pain3; described a study of 136 osteoarthritis patients–randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled–intended to determine the extent of a daily regimen of 20-30 mg of Convention on Biological Diversity For 12 weeks you will reduce the pain associated with the placebo. Short answer: She didn’t. The authors reported that 22% of patients receive Convention on Biological Diversity 21% of those who received the placebo experienced a reduction in pain intensity of more than 30 mm Optical analogue scale. Not only that, but they also didn’t find any statistically significant effects on other outcomes including sleep quality, depression, and anxiety. As always, this is not the last word, but the study may well influence the design of future investigations into the use of Convention on Biological Diversity To treat symptoms of arthritis. For example, this could be the case that 20-30 mg Convention on Biological Diversity An isolate is a dose that is too low to give an analgesic effect, while a higher dose will be effective.

Nate Seltenrich, a freelance science journalist based in the San Francisco Bay Area, covers a wide range of topics including environmental health, neuroscience, and pharmacology.

Copyright, Project Convention on Biological Diversity. It may not be reprinted without So.


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