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Tea can decompose the chemical psilocybin mushroom says – lemon solution

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Tea is a well-known way to take a dose of psychedelic mushrooms. Drenched mushrooms result in less nausea with more manageable onset and compensation times. Unfortunately, however, chemists are concerned that brewing the tea could degrade the psilocybin fungus.

Photo by Jill Wellington, courtesy of Pixabay.

How does a prodrug become an effective anesthetic

Researchers are focusing on psilocybin, one of the main compounds in mushrooms. However, she is. Not Produces narcotic effects. A chemical reaction must occur to change the psilocybin into a psychoactive metabolite. This explains one of three reasons why tea is the traditional delivery method for psilocybin-containing fungi in many cultures.

Specifically, dephosphorylation occurs in the human body and in fungi. This process changes psilocybin into psilocin, the active tryptamine. The current theory is that the reaction in the gut causes some nausea and is delayed onset.

We asked an expert if brewing tea could degrade the psilocybin fungus and whether lemon could more accurately activate tryptamine. Delek Laboratories It is one of the few research facilities in North America that has a license to study psilocybin mushrooms. Delic, continuing their exploration of the drug, recently released a paper on improvements with the psilocybin test in association with Havn Life. So, what happens when you leave mushrooms that contain psilocybin to soak in boiling water?

If you boil this compound, it passes very quickly into psilocin. So, if you have psilocybin in there and you boil it in tea, it goes from its initial form to the active form.

What I don’t know, is whether the heat will destabilize or degrade psilocin, the active ingredient. So, I can’t say right now if it has much effect on potency, but the extraction is what you’re looking for. With tea, you want to get rid of the flavors, aromas, caffeine, and all the good stuff inside the tea. And I imagine this is the same strategy with psilocybin – brewing mushroom tea.

Dr. Eric Janusson

If the psilocybin mushrooms are extracted first and dephosphorylated in the tea, the active tryptamine can be rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream from the upper GI tract. This process will inhibit latent metabolism in the liver and reduce the duration of the experiment when eating raw and uncooked mushrooms.

When life gives you lemons, make some psilocybin tea

Dr. Eric Janusson, Ph.D., excels in analytical chemistry as the principal chemist at Delic Labs. President and Civil Society Officer Dr. Markus Rogen, who received his Ph.D. In organic chemistry, he agreed with the idea of ​​water-soluble extraction but noted the additional importance of edible acids.

There are a few things, one of them, psilocybin is highly soluble in water, so that’s the important part. Why does no one brew cannabis tea, because THC Insoluble in water.

And second, a lot of people are supposed to use a little more lemon juice or other edible acids – like vinegar. While stomach acid will definitely do that and [psilocybin] It will remove phosphorylates in the digestive system. If you did the previous “revitalization” procedure – it can probably be taken into the gum area so that you have extra absorption in the mouth. But this goes to [pharmacokinetic] kingdom.

Dr. Rogen

The author of this story was also not trained as a doctor or pharmacist. But diving into the literature revealed that some psilocybin is subsequently converted in the liver. Furthermore, psilocin is converted to an inactive metabolite in the deep gut, but this can be converted back to psilocin during late metabolism. Whereas psilocin that does not contain psilocybin – after fermenting it in tea, for example – does not undergo the same late metabolic phase as it must be eliminated before it reacts with enzymes in the lower intestine.

day old tea

If heat breaks down psilocybin mushroom tea, is time an issue?

Yes, it is a problem because psilocybin is relatively stable. But psilocin is unstable to oxidation. [So] In the air, psilocin very quickly decomposes into unusable and insignificant compounds. Therefore, psilocybin is the psilocin storage package.

So if you’pre-activated” [turn psilocybin into psilocin]You have to activate in a very short time before you actually consume it. If you “brew” your tea beforehand and then put it in the fridge for the next week, it won’t work. That would be a useless bitter tea.

Dr. Rogen

Soon we will be able to make perfect combinations for tea and lemon tk From further analysis. Because over time, accurate quantification will determine the rates of dephosphorylation and degradation of different tryptamines in mushrooms. Now that we’ve been able to build such a map, a proper formula will soon ensure that your favorite tea recipe isn’t degraded by the psilocybin mushroom.

Let us know in the comments if you had a positive or negative experience with psychedelic mushroom tea. Stay tuned to learn more about the different cannabinoid molecules found in mushrooms.

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