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Wagner County’s Future: Officials Hold Public Forum on Comprehensive 2030 Plan | local news

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• Central and Southern Region: Agriculture in the first place. Single-family growth slows, affected by floodplains

• Eastern Province: overlooking the lake. smaller units and mobile homes; Elderly. traditional lake dwellers, summer houses, moderate incomes; Sanitation infrastructure needed.

One person in the audience asked where the money would come from to start work on the comprehensive 2030 plan, and it was a good question to clarify – the purpose of the plan is to come up with ideas about what could happen. There is no money involved.

Wagner County has not had an updated comprehensive plan since 1981 when it had authority over Wagner County and the cities of Wagner and Quetta.

With over 80,000 residents, the county’s population has grown by 11%-14%, depending on the source, since 2010.

The previous plan focused on current conditions, such as natural resources, land uses, census data, and future land use. Its goal was to “represent citizens, provide a functional, healthy and viable environment, and bring technical knowledge into the decision-making process,” as stated in one of the slides.

The new plan, or Plan Now, will focus on expanding or expanding evolving good planning practice, harmonizing land use and zoning code, updating basic maps and information, exploring emerging economic options, such as cannabis, and characterizing the county for each of its residents and stakeholders, who and what , and recommend an approach.


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