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What is a complete melt fractionation system and a star system and why does it exclude solvents?

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Hash enthusiasts and solvent ran extract heads from time to time. The two different classes of extracts are separated by physical process and culture. For this reason, there are fine lines in the label to identify the different products. For example – a certain statement applies only to one class, but what is complete solubility hash and why doesn’t it apply to solvent extracts?

Photo courtesy of French Cannoli.

What defines hashing of solvent extracts?

Frenchy Cannoli is a well known name in the retail community. Before Passed successfully in trichome the Paradise During the summer of 2021, Frenchy developed a Table of different focus categories. Traditionally, the difference between snippets and hashes depends on the process; After all, water is a solvent. focus is no longer Retail Once in trichomes (THCa, THC, or other cannabis) chemically dissolved or mechanically ground. Structurally, trichome consists of a resin gland encased in a waxy head, and if the resin is removed from its shell, it is dissolved and not fragmented (suspended).

Water dissolves chlorophyll, sugars, and agricultural salts – unwanted polar compounds – but it does not dissolve THC. Instead, alcohol and alkanes dissolve the cannabis and non-polar resins. With fragmentation, cold water and simply stirring help lift the trichomes away from the less demanding polar substrate. From there, the two media can be separated, collected as solids by mechanical filtration, and then gently pressed.

What defines hashing of solvent extracts?
Frenchy Cannoli (pictured) was known to be able to process the hash in organic cellophane to allow for this turbines to diversify even polymerization in a dynamic profile. photo from photography Warren Bobro.

Half and Full Melting: Fragmentation Scale

It should be noted that a strange bit of misinformation is floating around in retail circles, mostly due to Color Processing (CRC) salespeople. Contrary to some arguments, color is not a golden rule for solvent-free segmentation or a star system. Final purity is more accurately rated by the way the hash is melted, but of course, this is not without controversy. Regardless, there is a generally accepted definition of full fractionation versus half solubility.

If the hash is vaporized on a screen over high-temperature quartz (or titanium) and 50 to 75% of the hash is melted, it is considered semi-melted in many circles. Half-dissolving can be great and is usually more cost-effective, but it doesn’t bode well molasses. But if more than 75% of the hash is evaporated, liquefied or sublimated, it is considered a fully thawed hash. Moreover, the hash quality was divided into a star system.

Complete melting fraction
Six stars, 73u Deadhead OG steamed with only oil left, zero charcoal. Image courtesy of Brett Maverick.

Does the ancient star system have any ground?

A hash with a rating of three and four stars is usually half-melting; Whereas a five star hash would be a complete meltdown. The Six Star Fragment is a rather elusive icon consisting of a very pure, intact tricolor. Often some carbon is left behind after a solventless substance is evaporated cannabis concentrate. However, if less than 5% of the matter by weight remains after evaporation, the hash can really be venerated as true six stars.

Photo courtesy of Leftcoastc.

Would you agree that rosin is a non-solvent process for extracting cannabis, but that it cannot be categorized by the star system? What about limonene cannabis oil?

Anyway, we have half and full melts, and a star system to judge the quality of the hash. This appears to be orderly, but depends on the trichromatic structure after separation and the amount of material remaining (carbon) after evaporation. Quality becomes more complex when accounting for the variety of compounds that many refer to as the full spectrum of cannabis.

Have you ever enjoyed watching Six Star Concentrators? Let us know your thoughts on the definition of the complete solubility hash in theNS comments.

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