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Facebook Notes: Omicron, Medical Cannabis, More | Opinion

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A selection of comments from our Facebook page last week:

In a story about Dolly’s Diner who is once again giving away a free Thanksgiving meal to locals:

• A great restaurant to do this for our small town. Thanks – Libby A.

• A great selfless gesture from this local restaurant – Lynn R.

• May God bless your kindness. I will definitely eat there when I am in Princeton – Ruth R.

• This is the most kindness I’ve ever heard. Thank you – Barb T.

In a story about the World Health Organization’s naming of the new COVID variant “Omicron”:

• Optimus Prime Booster coming later I think – Debra C.

When will the Chinese Communist Party be held accountable for this nightmare? – Dave B.

• Possibly fifth and sixth supporter, respectively – Stephen T.

In a story about Bluefield looking to make major improvements to College Avenue as part of a street plan:

Long overdue, let’s hope it pays off – Donald Z.

• I’d love to see the berths added on Frederick, Cherry, and Maryland as well. I have seen and seen a lot of people walking and it will make the city more attractive – Hobart C.

• How about spending a portion of that money and giving a little attention to some other terrible road like Bluefield Avenue, etc.? There are torn roads all over Bluefield, so why is College Avenue the only one they keep messing about? – Abigail S.

In a story about Virginia Governor-elect Glenn Yunkin packing groceries at Food City in Abingdon for United Way in southwest Virginia:

• It’s nice to see someone realize that Virginia goes more west than just Richmond – Steve N.

• This is really cool. I hope he’s not as crazy as I think. – Brandon D.

In a story about a Virginia man who was imprisoned for 25 years for a DUI crash that killed one new person and injured another:

• Crimes Don’t Fit Punishments Anymore – Chuck B.

• 25 years in prison for this crime is certainly not enough punishment – Lisa W.

In a story about a medical cannabis registration event coming to Princeton:

• Hassan! For those who really need it – Justin J.

• Doctors will not give you painkillers so do what you have to do! – Larry T.

On a story about not selling tickets at the gate and required digital tickets for Graham-Appomattox:

• Many older people will stop attending games. They can at least have a booth at the gate where you can get this digital ticket – Ace B.

• VHSL works online just to make sure they get all of the gateway money. It’s stupid not to sell tickets at the gate – Todd K.

• It seems that both the city and the school system have plenty of time to make everyone aware of this problem, but they have not. Can’t the town/school have a center where parents, etc., can have someone come there and operate the system on their behalf? – Bill S.

In a story about the first Omicron variant of COVID-19 confirmed in the US:

• Cue Fear and Panic! – Mandy D.

• I love seeing the comments of my fellow men and women in the local area who don’t buy nonsense. The goal is to stop our rights and the potential long-term control of the population – Clutch F.

• whatever. It doesn’t surprise me. Just something the media flips over to try to scare people – Kelsey W.

In the vote recount requested by Democrats in two Virginia House of Delegates races taking place:

• Confront the Democrats, the Republicans won! – David B.

• Accept the results. Unless you don’t like who won – Michael M.

In the story of President Joe Biden announcing new restrictions and plans to fight COVID-19:

• They said there will be tribulations at the end of time – Matt M.

• Biden said during the first debate last year that if any president like Trump experienced so many deaths from the Corona virus, he should resign! Trump has died about 385,000 people over the past year, and so far Biden has killed more than 386,000 people this year, with a month left. He commits himself to his statement and resigns! – Larry T.


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