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The world’s largest THC-infused brownie weighs 850 lbs

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When the baking team is in Mary MeadNew Bedford, Mass., Ready-to-Eat facility to launch a new line of THC-infused brownies, they had two ideas: roll out Bubby’s Baked products for the first time on National Brownie Day (December 8), and go big. Really great.

They succeeded.

Picture of the worlds largest brownie
New World Champion Brownie: 850 pounds, 20,000 mg THC. (Courtesy of Mary Mead)

This morning, for National Brownie Day, the confectioners at MariMed revealed photos of the world’s largest herbal cake. This fork block from Bubby’s Baked weighs in at 850 pounds. It is three feet wide, three feet long, and 15 inches tall.

Contains 20,000 mg of THC.

That’s 200 times the allowable dose in one packed cake (100 mg). So an 11.25-square-foot brownie would be enough to get you a super fun hike and 199 of your closest friends.

Panacea Wellness holds regular sizes

It’s actually not a huge dose when you break it down pound for pound. That’s just under 24 mg of THC per pound of brownie. If you eat a whole pound of cake, you are eating a lot of cake.

Mini-me versions of Bubby’s Baked big block are available starting today at panacea wellness, Hemp-owned Mary Mead Store in Middleboro, Massachusetts. In the coming months, the donuts will be available at dispensaries in Maryland and Delaware.

Going to set a world record

Ryan Crandall, MariMed’s chief product officer and senior vice president of sales, directed the project.

“When we first started talking about it, we realized that many of us have been fascinated by the Guinness Book of Records over the years,” Crandall told Leafly. “And the idea of ​​getting in there was exciting. That was our ambition. We felt Jake and his team could implement.”

Crandall added that the world’s largest unfilled brownie was about 250 pounds, “so we figured we’d blast it out of the water and then add the soak feature.”

Bubby’s Brownies are available for purchase in Massachusetts, and soon in Maryland and Delaware. (Courtesy of Mary Mead)

Is it scale?

Jake Dean, MariMed’s chief food scientist, led the team that baked the cake. (He is the owner of the beard in the above photos).

“We haven’t strayed too far from the way we make our regular muffins,” Dean said. “Our normal product is about 10 grams per serving, and that was 850 pounds, so we had to increase everything a little bit.”

He added, “We had more baking time, and we used some baking utensils to help heat the center of the cake so it baked more evenly.”

The ingredients in a standard brownie cake include:

  • 81 pounds of flour
  • 212 pounds of butter
  • 249 pounds brown sugar
  • 201 pounds liquid sugar
  • 122 pounds cocoa powder
  • 2 pounds baking powder
  • 1344 eggs
  • 5.3 pounds of vanilla extract

Heavyweight Champion

How do you move an 850lb brownie?

“Extremely cautious,” Dean said. “I made a pallet that supports it, and built some supports for the table I was sitting on. A little bit of fortification was required.”

What happens to the brownie now?

No, you can’t stop and cut a piece with a pocket knife.

It’s not clear whether bite-sized versions of the world standard cake will be legal for sale in most states, because regulations regarding THC potency are strict. So the MariMed team is planning to distribute the big pie pieces within the company, in accordance with state regulations.

Unfortunately, Guinness book Officials have informed the MariMed team that their records keepers are not accepting cannabis entries at this time. But that did not dissuade the bakers.

“When the Guinness Book of Records is ready to receive more cannabis entries, we feel as if we are at the top of that list,” Ryan Crandall said.

Bruce Barcot

Leafly’s editor, Bruce Barcott, oversees news, investigations, and featured projects. He is a Guggenheim Fellow and author of Weed the People: The Future of Legal Marijuana in America.

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