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Two Redmond council members urged the city to prepare for federal legal marijuana dispensaries

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(Update: Added video and comments from Ed Fitch, owner of the dispensary)

Wants a workshop on ‘proactive’ steps if the federal government passes legalization

Redmond, OR. (KTVZ) — A Redmond City Council member is urging the council to prepare to allow marijuana dispensaries in the city, if or when federal law changes, and he has the support of at least one colleague.

Currently, if you live in Redmond and want to buy legal marijuana, you should go to Bend or another city to do so.

Hunter Neubauer, co-founder of Oregrown, a Bend dispensary, told NewsChannel 21, “I’m sure there are a decent number of people coming from Redmond (to Bend to buy marijuana products).”

Neubauer said he would like to open a shop in Redmond.

“We think we’re going to do a great job representing the industry, as we’re doing here in Bend,” he said. “And getting more involved in the City of Redmond as it grows is something we care about as well.”

But this is now prohibited. Although marijuana is legal in Oregon, the Redmond Code requires that you follow all federal regulations. Cannabis has not yet been removed from the list of federal controlled substances.

But Redmond City Councilman Ed Fitch said that could soon change.

“I think it’s likely[to be taken off the censored list]before the next election,” he told NewsChannel 21 on Monday.

In anticipation of legalization, fellow City Councilor Clifford Evelyn suggests holding a workshop early next year for the council to prepare it.

Fitch agrees.

“We need to address the issue, get all the facts about it,” Fitch said. “What would the revenue stream be? I know it’s been cut a little bit. What would the impact be on the community? Where would it make sense to have these places?”

One place Fitch isn’t sure he’d like to see marijuana dispensaries in downtown Redmond, but he said other places around town would be fine.

“We should have some regional access for those who want to buy marijuana, rather than going to Bend or any other community to do it,” he said.

Customers will be the winners, Neubauer said.

“It’s hard to see people driving for 30 minutes to get a product that they can’t get in their hometown,” he said.

The Council will meet in a special session on Tuesday evening to discuss the request and other items on the agenda. Evelyn requested that a working session be scheduled for February.

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