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A Spanish man in Bali grows 19 hemp trees in the bathroom

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Badung, Bali police have arrested a foreign national from Spain with GASV initials for planting marijuana trees.

The crop was found in a villa in Jalan Karang Suwung, Banjar Pelambingan, Tibubeneng Village, North Kuta District, Badung Regency, Bali.

It was found with a total of 17 cannabis seeds weighing 2.18 grams total or 0.22 grams net and a total of 19 plants,The head of the drug unit of Badung Police, AKP Budi Artama, said.

reveal this cannabis The farming activity is made possible through the cooperation between the Customs and Excise Office in Denpasar and the Badung Police in Bali. The suspicion arose because a parcel in the form of a brown envelope and the sender’s name with the address in Torrent De Lolla, Barcelona, ​​Spain with GASV as the recipient, was sent on Tuesday 30 November.

Then we sent out the package for the recipient to receive it. Then we monitored the villa. he added.

Soon the police took action against the perpetrator and during interrogation he admitted that he had bought cannabis seeds from a person named Tony, whose address is in Spain. The offender bought it for 100 euros and the police immediately searched the villa and on the second floor, in the bathroom, 19 cannabis plants were found.

The perpetrators obtained the cannabis seeds by bringing them from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Marijuana, when picked or harvested, was intended to be used by the perpetrators themselves,” It is to explain.

To grow marijuana, the bathroom was installed with LED lighting instead of sunlight. Humidity was measured with a measuring instrument and ventilation was provided by a fan or air conditioner. Marijuana plants were grown in a rather spacious bathroom.

Other clues that were discovered included a single square white LED lamp, a single room hygrometer, a Krisbow digital air cooler, and a clear plastic box containing three packages of organic fertilizer.

The 19 marijuana plants vary in size from one meter to 83 cm and 60 cm. Marijuana was grown by placing it in a plastic container and litter box that was used as a growing medium.

“We didn’t find anyone who bought it. The plants were not harvested and they are still intact. The goal was to have a home-made hydroponics industry and the source for marijuana owners is still being investigated and developed.”

The offender admitted that he lived in Bali for 20 years He also has a permanent residence permit card (KITAP) on my mind.

“However, we continue to investigate and write to immigration,” he said He said.

The offender is charged with Section 111 Paragraph 2 and Section 113 of RI no. Law No. 35 of 2009 regarding drugs likely to be threatened with life imprisonment or imprisonment for a term of no less than five years and a maximum of 20 years and a fine of between Rs 800 million and Rs 8 billion.

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