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Medical Marijuana Industry Booms In Missouri – News / Talk KRMS 1150 AM, 97.5 FM and 103.3 FM

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Perhaps unsurprisingly, the medical marijuana industry is booming in Missouri and in more than 30 other states across the country.

In fact, Show-Me State sales recently broke the monthly mark for the sixth time in a row.

That’s according to Jack Cardetti of the Medical Cannabis Trade Association in Missouri who said it’s not just about lighting “This is for eating, this is for fumes, this is for THC drinks…that’s where they all go in. And if you go to a store in Missouri, you’ll find that wide range of products on the shelves.”

However, Carditi also warns that those who legally obtain cannabis under a medical authority should be careful because the substance is still considered illegal at the federal level. “Everything we’re talking about is grown in Missouri, made in Missouri, made into an edible or steamed here in Missouri, and then sold through a licensed facility in Missouri…after testing it of course….but Do not go beyond the limits of the situation.”

Missouri has nearly 400 licensed and certified facilities that can legally grow, manufacture, test, transport, and distribute medical marijuana.

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