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Will regulations regarding cannabis drinks change?

About regulations cannabis Drinks will likely start changing soon. Recently, cannabis companies and advocates are pushing Health Canada to reformulate the regulations.

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Hemp drinks are becoming a new trend, but you may have noticed some discomfort when buying them. For example, have you ever tried to buy Convention on Biological Diversity– Saturated beer? These drinks usually come in single cans and rarely in six packs. The reason for this stems from the current systems About cannabis drinks. When it comes to beverages, manufacturers cannot sell any product that contains more than 10 mg of cannabis. So even if a single can of beer contains less than 10mg, if the entire six cans exceed that limit, it’s game over.

Moreover, the whole package can contain no more than 2.1 liters of cannabis. So it’s perfectly legal to buy dozens of vodka and gin, but retailers won’t let you go over the 2.1 liter limit for cannabis drinks. These restrictions make things very difficult for buyers, retailers, and producers. Buyers have to work with arbitrary buying limits while retailers have to awkwardly explain why purchases are being restricted. As for producers, they have to deal with regulations that can make their products less attractive. More specifically, since the purchase of cannabis drinks can be daunting, buyers can choose other options, which can lead to losses for the product.

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Will the regulations change?

Several companies and cannabis advocates have reached out to Health Canada for a change. Groups such as the Canadian Cannabis Council have highlighted the above issues that current regulations create. This comes from Consultation It was conducted in December 2020 as Health Canada raised questions regarding restrictions on cannabis drinks. In particular, they asked industry experts whether the 2.1 liter limit should be raised and the reasons for their answer. So overall, Health Canada appears to be receptive to regulatory changes. So the question is when the reworking of the regulations will come into effect.

These changes should help the emerging industry quite a bit. We first saw cannabis drinks hit the shelves in 2020, but initial sales were tough. If regulations are relaxed, purchasing cannabis drinks should become less difficult. As a result, more people will feel comfortable making a purchase, especially those who don’t usually buy anything related to cannabis.

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