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These brands focus on women, weed, and stigma-breakers

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For Brett Heymann, founder of the home accessories and décor brand Eddie ParkerSmoking weed was something she used to do in high school, like most of her friends.

She never thought about the lifestyle component of cannabis until she met her husband, who had an ongoing relationship with the weed, which made her more aware of how the plant affects everyday life.

Inspiration, Heyman began exploring the idea of ​​making lawn accessories as an extension of her home brand. She wanted to create an advanced cannabis line that would talk to her, as well as women like her. And so, cheeky and cheerful Weddy Parker Boy.

Weedie Parker aims to fill the need for accessories that speak to women, and are not the only ones. As legalization matures, women entrepreneurs are taking their place in the male-dominated cannabis industry; Organizing unique shopping experiences for a diverse group of consumers.

Women, herbs and accessories

according to Earphone Data, Generation Z women are the fastest growing market in cannabis, with a 151% increase in sales growth from year to year. They are followed by Generation Z men (118%) and Millennial women (51%).

Every year, women increase their market share and this has not gone unnoticed. Elisa Torres, Founder lit and luxurious, A sophisticated online lawn accessories store, that believes things are changing.

“I think women have been neglected, but today is a new day. There are a lot of women-owned companies in this industry, now more than ever. I think this will continue to grow,Torres stock.

“I think that’s why there haven’t been many female-oriented weed products, before now. The men who were running things obviously didn’t think there was a need. They didn’t really look at women at all.”

Women have been ignored for far too long, according to Paige Green, Superette’s director of marketing.

Historically, women have been neglected in the weed industry. In pop culture we see guys like Cheech & Chong, or a whole lot of Seth Rogen movies.”

“There is a great opportunity to connect with women who consume cannabis, and to challenge outdated stereotypes and assumptions about cannabis consumers in general,” Fly told me.

Retail designed for ladies, by women

This opportunity is being seized by women-led brands. In Canada, well-known brands such as I blameAnd VerdiAnd BlazeBoxAnd Shop from HerB Life All offer hemp accessories that cater to women.

A fan of Allume’s infamous Weeding Women Rob Botanik, a reversible satin robe featuring an elegant grassy pattern, is miles away from classic grass pajama pants.

In the United States, brands such as Weddy ParkerAnd lit and luxuriousAnd Broccoli MagAnd miss grass And Shop Glassy They design their offerings that elevate the consumer experience.

Glori Blatt, co-founder of Glassy, ​​says that every product featured on their website is one that you buy in person. “Every aspect of Glassy is an organic reflection of our taste, style and aesthetics,Platt says.

“We decided early on that we wouldn’t sell anything the two of us wouldn’t buy in person. We knew that if we loved something, there would be plenty of other women that I loved as much as we loved it.”

Lauren Davis, senior vice president at Superette, thinks women are more curious than their male counterparts, something they noticed in store.

“Women often spend more time exploring our store and interacting with our companions, than men who come with something very specific in mind. It enables them to connect with brands on a deeper level.”

This is why elevated in-store environments like Superette and Weedie Parker are so important. Heyman believes that women are informed consumers and just want to try weed without making a judgment.

“Cannabis shouldn’t be scary. I don’t like that it can feel scary; this idea needs to know how to roll the perfect knuckle or something, you know exactly how to clean a bong. It doesn’t matter. I feel weed is more fun, there is a feeling of discovery!”

Cannabis consumption remains a major stigma among women

Unfortunately, cannabis and the people who use it still suffer from severe stigma. This is especially true for women.

Society expects women to behave a certain way, even today. We don’t have to explain that weed helps us relax, rest and deal with everyday stress,explainTorres.

This stigma is something Green can sympathize with. She has seen firsthand how women are harshly judged for being cannabis consumers.

“I feel more stigmatized about my consumption habits than my husband ever did. Almost anywhere you live, mums enjoying a glass of wine are more accepted than cannabis,Green arrow.

But that perception is shifting and the cannabis industry is evolving with it.

“There is a new character to being a cannabis enthusiast. I think women especially can change the stigma discourse that we have always assumed,” says Torres.

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