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St. Louis repeals marijuana law; Some are calling for the statewide entertainment bowl to be legalized

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St. LUIS — St. Louis Mayor Techora Jones signed into law a bill this week that eliminates penalties for possession of 35 grams or less of marijuana.

The legislation prohibits police from enforcing state and federal laws regarding possession of small amounts of marijuana. The smell or presence of marijuana can no longer be the only possible reason for a search or arrest.

Supporters say marijuana laws have a history of disproportionately harming poor communities and African Americans.

“This is about building public trust,” said St. Louis Alderman Brandon Bosley, one of the bill’s sponsors. “Enough of this war on individuals who do not have the means to defend themselves from the federal government.”

During Monday’s law signing ceremony, Alderman Brett Narayan, the bill’s sponsor, said, “It will allow our law enforcement officials to use their resources on the most pressing issues in our area. This will help solve the labor shortage in city departments and will also help our injured first responders from getting caught up in the law.” In the clutches of opioid addiction”.

Earlier this year, St. Louis County Executive Sam Page signed bipartisan legislation lowering penalties for possession of 35 grams or less.

There are several efforts underway at the state level to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. One of these is led by Attorney General Shamid Dogan, R. Bloin. He is also running for the position of St. Louis County Superintendent.

“I think we need statewide legalization just so we have uniformity so no one across the state faces the prospect of jail time for marijuana possession,” Duggan said.

One invoice entitledHJR 83, “It would regulate and tax marijuana like alcohol. Duggan believes that police have greater priorities than enforcing marijuana possession laws.

“Every minute they spend on the paperwork of their marijuana possession case, that time is away from the most serious crimes,” Duggan said.

There is also an attempt underway to file petitions Recreational use of marijuana On the ballot in Missouri. electors Certified medical marijuana in Missouri in 2018. Recreational marijuana is legal in neighboring Illinois.

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