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Opinion: We legalized cannabis. Now the government must support the industry.

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After five years of state electors certified Recreational use of cannabis, legal dispensaries still Undermine by illegal stores that do not pay taxes or have to follow safety rules regarding packaging or product testing and that rely on illegal farmers Reckless environmental records.

Legal stores are expected to record sales of about $5 billion in 2021, at least $3 billion less than the estimates of illegal operators. On January 1, legal stores will face another hurdle when government taxes rise on licensed cannabis growers 4 percent.

What’s so insane about this issue is that a scheme to target illegal stores was introduced by the San Diego District Attorney’s Office in 2016, when it began the fine shop owners. This realized that the whack-a-mole strategy of fining store operators did not work because the fines were so small compared to revenue that they were treated as another cost of the business.

But the state has yet to take bold steps due to infighting in Sacramento and concern that cracking down on illegal stores would disproportionately punish minority members, according to recent Politico. Analytics.

San Diego, at least, still has a more explicit approach recognizing that the legal industry deserves government support. In February, the city is expected to officially begin consideration of a change In city laws that now prohibit the opening of cannabis dispensaries near churches, parks, libraries, and stadiums.

The proposal, which would also extend their working hours, would undoubtedly face criticism. But legal shops are safer than alternatives and deserve fair and proper regulation.

Grow guide for marijuana beginners.

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