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Are Real OG Cannabis Consumers Messing About Delta-8 THC?

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This article was originally published on The Bluntness website, and appears here with permission.

Perhaps the hottest trend the cannabis industry has seen in the past year has been the emergence of Delta-8.

This compound is sold “legally” under a loose interpretation of the 2018 Farm Act, which approved industrial hemp at the federal level, and is said to occur naturally in hemp and marijuana. It has gained popularity in recent months because despite pot ban laws in many parts of the country, this product is raising the number of users.

However, unlike Delta-9 THC, the intoxicating cannabis found in the real deal pot—the fun bud sold in legal cannabis cases—Delta-8 does not occur naturally as some people claim.

Due to the lack of control over Delta-8 products, according to various Reports, often with dangerous household chemicals, not unlike the shoddy practices of methamphetamine makers. In fact, Delta-8 THC occurs naturally, but only in small amounts. To produce it at higher levels, it must be chemically converted from CBD in a laboratory. And this is where Delta-8 begins to paint.

The American Hemp Council asserts that Delta 8 can contain heavy metallic lead, pesticides, and other dangerous contaminants. On top of that, nearly 70 percent of these products were rated as inaccurate, according to a recent analysis from Leafreport. Federal health agencies have also come forward to warn the public about adverse reactions resulting from the use of contaminated products.

In other words, the average consumer of Delta-8 doesn’t seem to know much, if any, about the safety and purity of Delta-8 they’re putting into their bodies. On top of that, they don’t seem to care. This struck us as odd considering how focused the cannabis community is on health and wellness.

We have a lot of questions.

For starters, who is buying this trash? Cannabis lovers can’t be an OG, can they? After all, many of these people now have access to legal, regulated cannabis products that must pass a certain standard before landing on dispensary shelves.

So, why would they even consider Delta Meth? who knows but Somebody He buys these things. Delta-8 sales reached $10 million in 2020.

No, this cannabis extract, like the dirty synthetic marijuana known as K2 and Spice, is more likely to be consumed by people who don’t know better, or by litter in trailer waste looking for cheap ways to get high when they can’t afford their cough medicine. This makes more sense.

However, even if that was the case, was it their fault? Perhaps the unwanted cannabis trend is just another unexpected consequence of the federal government’s refusal to legalize cannabis nationwide? It turns out that this may well be true.

One reader, Jane, of Kentucky, where marijuana remains illegal, told The Bluntness that her daughter is a regular Delta-8 user because she thinks it’s like cannabis.

“She doesn’t buy chemicals in the ballroom,” Jan stated. “She thinks these politicians are just trying to correct their mistake and ban it.”

The mistake Jan is pointing out is the passage of the Farm Act of 2018. Many people believe that this cannabis development legalized Delta-8 THC nationwide.

Another reader, David, a 35-year-old dispensary counselor from Illinois, told us he’s noticed that Delta-8’s popularity is becoming more and more prevalent in exclusion zones. “People who want cannabis but can’t get it for whatever reason, they buy Delta 8,” he said. “A lot of them think it’s good.”

Sure, Applebee’s is a nice restaurant.

When we reached out to NORML to learn more about the demographics of the average Delta-8 customer, Paul Arminano, deputy director of the National Cannabis Defense Group, referred to Dr. The principal is in the California chapter.

Dr. Gieringer has just published an explanation to help consumers better understand the intricacies of the Delta-8 disaster.

Dr. Gieringer admits there is no “direct view” of the Delta-8 customer base. But based on his personal experience, he claims that what is sold in state-licensed dispensaries is legitimate.

“I found it very nice—not so strong as to be intoxicating or mischievous, but especially exhilarating and lively,” Geiringer said.

“My friends have had different reactions – some say it doesn’t, others like it. I think Delta-8 might be particularly appealing to older consumers like me, who don’t like to get drunk but enjoy the delicious cannabis pick me up.”

The plot thickens.

The thing is, not every Delta-8 is the same. While many cannabis companies do their best to create high-quality products, night-flying operations don’t care.

The saving grace should be that reputable products come with accurate Certificates of Analysis (COAs) – showing that they have been tested and do not contain dangerous toxins.

However, a former Delta-8 vendor, who wishes to remain anonymous, claims that COAs are not always valid. In fact, it is sometimes released to show that the product has been checked, even though it hasn’t. “Our COA was not accurate,” he said. “None of our Delta-8s were tested in batches, and they were selling gallons of them to other companies.”

But this does not mean that Delta-8 is not suitable for consumption. Maybe it is.

However, it is crucial that users get them from reputable sources. It is advisable to avoid Delta-8 from unregulated retailers in the market such as convenience stores, smoke shops and gas stations, Gieringer notes in his research paper. Chances are they are not what they claim.

Regarding the general safety of Delta-8, specifically those items that adhere to the same quality standards as cannabis products or other cannabis products sold in legal cannabis dispensaries, Dr. Gieringer believes its purity can be trusted. He wrote: “Most experts believe that the safety of Delta-8 THC is similar to that of other cannabinoids.”

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