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Medical marijuana sales reach $200 million in Missouri

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Jefferson City, Missouri (modified press release) — Fourteen months after the first sale to a qualified patient at a Missouri medical marijuana dispensary, total sales as part of a state-regulated medical marijuana program have reached $200 million.

The facilities began receiving licenses and certifications from the Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) Medical Marijuana Regulation two years ago this week, and began receiving their approval to operate after the inspection began in June 2020. More than 300 facilities are now operating in Missouri as growers and manufacturers Dispensaries, testing laboratories, carriers and seed providers for sale.

“Nearly every facility that was part of the initial licensing round is now operating and providing useful products and services to Missouri patients,” said Lyndall Fracker, M.D., director of medical marijuana regulation. “We are proud of the perseverance shown by both our regulatory team and all facility operators who were able to remove many of the hurdles presented by COVID-19 during a critical time.”

DHSS is tasked with providing safe and secure access to medical marijuana for eligible Missouri patients. Currently 158,169 eligible patients and 3,283 caregivers are active in the Missouri program.

Including Missouri, 21 states have implemented medical marijuana laws since 2005. The national average for implementation is 29 months, and Missouri has been able to implement its medical program in just over 23 months. Only five states have implemented medical programs faster than Missouri (Pennsylvania, New York, Utah, Minnesota, and Oklahoma).

More information about Missouri’s medical marijuana regulation program can be found at Medicalmarijuana.mo.gov.

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