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Garden Association Bringing Hemp Wine Gummies Home for the Holidays

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If you’re still looking for a wine lover’s Christmas gift on your list, Garden Society cannabis Wine gummies might be the perfect gift. Run by two fierce women, the Garden Society is here to break the stigma and completely redefine cannabis for women. Any wine lover will enjoy this delicious new way to try cannabis gum!

Erin Gore founded the Gardening Association in 2016, and holds a degree in chemical and biological engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She also masters science-based talk about cannabis and its production. Soon, she joined forces with Carly Warner, co-founder and chief marketing officer, to lead the marketing and communications efforts.

Garden Society provides delicious craft cannabis And the sun grew Pre-rolls linking responsible farming, sustainable ingredients, and strain-specific hemp. Our high quality products provide a predictable and enjoyable cannabis experience that brings greater happiness to everyday life.

Erin Goure, founder and CEO and Carly Warner, co-founder and CMO

Finally, Garden Society hemp wine gummies come in three flavors.

Flavors inspired by the country of wine

Tart Cherry Pinot Noir:

Basically, for those looking to get into a relaxing mode, enjoy the rich flavors of ripe cherries complemented by the light fruity notes of Pinot Noir. According to the Garden Society’s website, this full spectrum eater Use a “special, fast-acting technology” and “provides the desired effect in about 15 minutes.” Available in sachets of 20 pieces or sachets of 2 pieces – 5MG THC, 1 mg Convention on Biological Diversity for each piece.

Peach Prosecco:

Now, for even more vibe and exhilaration, your taste buds will dance with the juicy flavors of ripe summer peaches, complemented by the fruity notes of Prosecco. Available in sachets of 20 pieces or sachets of 2 pieces – 5MG THC, 0MG CBD each.

Sparkling Strawberry Rose:

Finally, for an extra sense of calm and focus, enjoy the juicy flavors of ripe summer strawberries. This dessert is complemented by the light, fruity flavors of sparkling rose. Available in sachets of 20 pieces or sachets of 2 pieces – 5MG THC, 0MG CBD each.

garden parties

These ladies also give educational and educational parties in the garden. Attendees have the opportunity to learn about the plant, ask questions, explore different products, and engage in conversations about cannabis. On top of that, they will work with you to host a casual and fun gathering to get educated and relax with cannabis. Also, if desired, find out how to purchase products now available for discrete delivery directly to your doorstep.

For more information about their products and other sites to buy, visit website.

Grow guide for marijuana beginners.

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