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GOP congressman blames Democrats for not legalizing cannabis (Newsletter: December 27, 2021)

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Criticism of marijuana banking at Rand Paul Fest on Democrats; DEA Drug Emoji Guide for Parents; Prepare to rob cannabis dispensaries

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/ The most important things to know

a Maryland’s highest state legislator He formally introduced a bill to put marijuana legalization on the November 2022 ballot for voters to decide. The House speaker said the legislature will vote to go ahead with the cannabis referendum “early” in the year.

In his annual broadcast of grievances, Senator Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) He criticized Democrats for failing to pass marijuana banking services while they had a majority.

the Drug Enforcement Administration He published a guide intended to help parents decipher the emoji used by young people to discuss drugs such as marijuana, narcotics and other “dirty shit”.

Americans for Safe Access He released a robbery readiness guide for marijuana companies amid a surge in thefts against dispensaries.

/ federation

the White House Office of Management and Budget It is moving forward with proposed changes to the North American industry classification system that would include cannabis business categories but has rejected requests to add a more specific classification.

the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit It ruled that the Jamaican woman’s previous convictions for marijuana did not justify her removal from the country.

Representative Robin Kelly (D-Illinois) He introduced a bill to create a task force that would, among other things, issue recommendations on providing “assistance in re-entry, reunification planning, and community programming for women victims of the War on Drugs.”

Democratic congressional candidate in Maryland McKella Wilkes He authored an opinion piece about her experience in detention for marijuana use and her support for legalization.

/ States

Florida Democratic candidate for governor Charlie Crist, currently a congressman, tweeted, “It’s been a long time since marijuana was legalized in Florida.”

Michigan Democratic senators tweeted about the one-year anniversary of Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D) signing the cannabis bill into law, saying, “The bill helps ensure a Michigan fund dedicated to helping people affected by marijuana control is fair.”

Washington State Senators introduced a bill to bar many employers from taking drug tests for cannabis or using a positive marijuana test to fire an employee who was not handicapped on the job.

a Missouri The representative says he plans to rewrite legislation to add Schedule I drugs such as narcotics to the state’s Right to Try Act.

Alaska Regulators have adopted changes to the rules regarding employees of the marijuana business badges and on civil Fine tables.

Colorado Regulators published a report on developments in the state’s marijuana market last year.

Ohio The regulators have published a reference guide to the permissible days of supply of medical cannabis.

New Jersey Officials have issued safety tips for the holiday season, including “provide a safe space for guests (better locked up) to keep potentially dangerous items, including marijuana food.”

the Tennessee The Medical Cannabis Committee will meet on January 7.

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/ Sweetened

New York City The Department of Transport launched a public awareness campaign Campaign About driving a marijuana impairment.

filter for Polk County, Iowa The attorney tweeted, “In our discussions of marijuana legalization and/or decriminalization, we should focus the communities of color that have been most affected by the failure of the war on drugs.”

/ international

a United kingdom The MP who worked on the legalization of medical cannabis failed to disclose his appointment as head of a cannabis distribution company.

the Malta The legislator who sponsored the recently enacted marijuana legalization law has spoken about its implementation.

Israel The US Southeast Ambassador tweeted about new research on medicinal cannabis and autism, saying, “As a mother of a child with special needs who has not slept in nearly years, I can say that medicinal cannabis oil has changed her life and ours.”

/ Science and Health

A study found a “negative relationship between [medical marijuana law] implementation and [nursing home] death cases, “which” may reflect the increased likelihood of transfers due to the threat of federal enforcement, penalties for poor outcomes, and liability concerns. “

Advocacy, opinion and analysis

the Iowa Democratic Party He tweeted, “Marijuana should be legal in Iowa.”

the Brookings Institution He published an analysis of the challenge of finding a majority in Congress to pass any particular marijuana reform bill.

/ Business

Ascend Wellness Holdings, Inc. Completed the acquisition of Ohio Cannabis Clinic, LLC, a d/b/ Ohio Cannabis Corporation.

/ culture

Pete Davidson He was turned away from the MedMen dispensary in West Hollywood, California apparently for not having a proper ID on him.

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