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How is hemp used as a building material?

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Hemp Wood is a great example of the versatility of hemp. It was pioneered as a sustainable alternative to hardwoods such as oak.

It is a very justified choice as a flooring material, for interior facing construction, furniture production, and the manufacture of consumer products such as skateboards and cutting boards.

Hemp wood engineers have, for 10 long years, studied, experimented and improved the hemp board that will be available to consumers by the end of this year.

Hemp was the result of an engineering experiment, which published an algorithm for an oak tree and then reversed the tree’s growth cycle to replicate its density, stability, and hardness. Hemp’s long fibers add extra durability to the product by making it stronger and lighter than traditional wood products.

Reports have revealed that hemp wood is 20 percent harder than oak. It has a density of 50-55 pounds per cubic foot, and a hardness on the Jenka scale of over 2,000, so its consistency, similar to a Brazilian cherry, is unparalleled.

Industrial hemp has a growth rate of 100 times faster than that of an oak tree and can also be harvested within a very short period of time (120 days from seeding). The fast growth rate and short harvest cycle make it an easily renewable building material and an excellent cash crop.

It is also a very strong candidate in tree rescue campaigns; Just one acre of hemp can generate as much cellulose pulp as the amount of pulp produced by 4 acres of trees, which makes it great news for the remaining trees on our planet, which are endangered by deforestation.

According to reports, Hemp Wood flooring will be available from 2020, with prices for “tongue-in-groove” panels listed as follows:

$5/sq ft: 1 x 6 x 48/72 inches without hard coating

$6/sq ft: ¾ x 5 x 48/72 in. steel-coated

$7 / ft 2: ¾ x 5 x 48/72 inch dyed and painted

Hemp wood will also be available as door blocks and panels.

The organic roots and soy-based consistency of hemp wood make hemp wood free of VOCs, offering it as a healthy alternative in indoor buildings.

By using hemp wood, larger, customizable woods can be produced from oak and other wood species.

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