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Missouri made mozza from medical cannabis

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Sales in Missouri’s medical marijuana program totaled $200 million — and the state is getting a cut.

Just 14 months ago the first sale happened at a licensed medical marijuana dispensary in Missouri. In September of this year, monthly sales of cannabis topped $20 million for the first time and in November, total sales reached just under $26 million.

The total of $200 million includes a 4% tax on retail marijuana — meaning state coffers benefited by $8 million. There are 158,169 eligible patients (equivalent to about 2% of the state’s total population), so average gross sales are $1,264 per patient—with just over $50 going into the state. The money does not go into general revenue as it was earmarked for veterans services.

According to the Missouri Department of Health and Aging Services, there are more than 300 cannabis medical facilities now operating in the state in various sectors; Including growers, processors, dispensaries, testing laboratories, conveyors and suppliers of seeds for sale.

In order to purchase medical cannabis, Missouri residents need a physician’s certificate indicating that they have one or more of approximately two dozen qualifying conditions that include a chronic medical condition that causes severe and persistent pain or persistent muscle spasms.

A physician may certify that a patient has received up to four ounces of dried, unprocessed marijuana or its equivalent in a 30-day period. However, if the patient requires a larger amount, two independent doctor’s certificates are required to justify this.

In total, there will be 192 dispensaries in Missouri—but appropriately registered patients or their caregivers can grow up to six flowering plants, six non-flowering plants, and six clones at any one time. There is an additional fee for this privilege – $100 extra – and security regulations to follow.

The ministry seems very proud of its efforts in introducing the state program.

“The national average for implementation is 29 months, and Missouri has been able to implement its medical program in just over 23 months,” The Department of Homeland Security reported last week. Only five states have implemented medical programs faster than Missouri (Pennsylvania, New York, Utah, Minnesota, and Oklahoma).

More Information Missouri Medical Cannabis Program It can be found here.


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