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A website to bring medical marijuana shipments to the South A to Z

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Towson, AZ (KGUN) – It’s been almost a year since then Arizona has legalized the growth and sale of recreational marijuana. While local vendors have popped up around southern Arizona, a new idea could soon expand their reach.

“Bud.com is a place — a website — users can go to to find all things cannabis,” said bud.com CEO Dean Arpit.

Arbit launch bud.com Back in 2018. He has since made it available in California. Arizona is his next project.

“We are very excited to begin working with several dispensaries in southern and western Arizona,” Arbit said.

Bud.com will partner with local dispensaries, post their products and allow customers to pay for pickup or delivery.

“It’s a lot like GrubHub or UberEATS, basically,” Arbit said.

Unlike food deliveries, cannabis has additional limits. In Arizona only medical marijuana can be delivered. Identification is required from each customer before they receive their order.

“We will confirm your request. You will get a text when the driver is away. You will receive a text when the driver is there. You have to provide your ID at that time and then pay with a debit card or cash,” Arbit said.

Dispensary fees equal to less than 10% of the value of each customer’s purchases. Arbit said it’s a small price to pay to serve people in a new way.

“We really do enable dispensaries to grow,” Arbit said. “We’ve had great success in California, and we expect the same in Arizona.”



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