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How to find open cannabis stores for adults in Montana

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On New Year’s Day 2022, recreational cannabis sales will begin in Montana.

As if in many legal states, though, not every county and municipality has marijuana available for purchase.

Read on to find out where to buy it, how to navigate national parks with cannabis, and the details of Montana’s statewide legalization law.

Leafly always lists stores near you

The first stores that opened already existed – as medical marijuana dispensaries. The stores listed below are licensed to sell to all adults 21 years of age and older as of January 1.

We have called ahead and confirmed which stores will definitely be open for entertainment sales on January 1, 2022 (listed below the map). I wearDon’t forget to bring your cash and state-issued ID.

As of January 1, Leafly Dispensary Finder You will have the latest information on both recreational and medical cannabis stores near you. Loading Leafly app To locate the nearest store with one click.

Red counties and green counties

In crafting the state’s adult cannabis use program, Montana officials decided to allow sales in counties where the majority of residents voted for Legalization during the 2020 elections, and are not allowed in counties that did not vote for legalization.

There is a caveat, however. Municipalities or municipalities can hold a separate vote to switch from a “red” county to a “green” county, or vice versa.

From January 1, 2022, adult cannabis may be sold in green counties, but not in red counties.

In general, western Montana is more amenable to legal weeds than the eastern half of the state.

Major centers such as Missoula, Bozeman (Gallatin County), Kalispell and Whitefish (Flathead County), and Helena Capital (Lewis and Clark County) will welcome the opening of legal cannabis stores on January 1st.

Citizens of Billings, the state’s largest city, voted in November to not allow cannabis hoarding. But stores are allowed in surrounding Yellowstone County, so a number of Billings stores are located near Billings.

January 1, 2022 working hours today

Don’t take it to a national park

While it may be tempting to take a puff while looking, Several National Parks in Montana, it is important to remember that national parks remain subject to federal jurisdiction, and it is federally illegal to possess, sell, or consume cannabis on federal lands.

As reported by Leafly, the Consequences of exposure to weeds in national parks It can be severe: convictions, fines, even probation… This includes residents of legal states.

Although you cannot purchase recreational cannabis in every corner of Montana, possession of up to one ounce remains legal throughout the state. Consumers can purchase up to one ounce of cannabis, or its nutrient equivalent, as concentrates, or other forms, at one time.

Different bases on tribal land

The only exception is the tribal reserves, whose states are considered sovereign. Since federal law applies to seizure, possession of cannabis technically remains illegal there. Although tribes have limited criminal jurisdiction over non-members, it is still best to play it safe and avoid consuming protected lands. If you are traveling on a reservation, be sure to keep the cannabis in its original unopened package and in the trunk of your car.


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