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A large cannabis grows in the town of Derbyshire after a man stopped in Nottinghamshire

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A large cannabis plant has been discovered in the town of Derbyshire after officers stopped a man in Nottinghamshire.

The 25-year-old Albanian was stopped by Nottinghamshire Police officers on Radford Road, Hayson Green, yesterday evening (December 29).

The man was found with a sum of £16,000 and was arrested on suspicion of money laundering and immigration offences.

A search was conducted for an address on Claramount Road, Marlpool, Heanor, who was related to the man, shortly after and a large cannabis plant was discovered.

The arrested man is still in police custody as the growth is being dismantled.

Detective Inspector Steve Topham said: “This is an excellent example of cross-border work that continues day in and day out.

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“Criminals don’t care where one county ends and another begins — but crucially we don’t.

“The cannabis cannabis found today numbered more than 100 plants, and from the money this man was carrying, it is clear that this was the work of organized criminals.

“Like many people growing up, we find criminals setting up their operations on a residential street.

“It is really important for people to know the signs that cannabis may be growing in their area because they pose a serious threat to those who live near them. Gangs will bypass electricity meters in order to steal energy, but in doing so they create really dangerous fires that have been fatal in other parts of the country.

“If you think hemp cultivation may have been set up in your area, you can contact us, with confidence, at any time.”

Sgt. Matt Daly is from Nottinghamshire Police’s Proactive Crime Squad, which stopped, and said: “As part of a team focused on proactive and preventive work, we will always look at business opportunities regarding intelligence and other concerns that may make us suspect someone may be involved in crime.”

“This was a really good effort among the neighboring forces to relay information about the station and to inform colleagues in Derbyshire, who have conducted research into the property.

“A large amount of cannabis has been confiscated and is now out of circulation, which is really positive for the communities.

“Drug activity is often associated with serious criminal offences, which is why we take cases like this seriously. This action demonstrates our commitment to working not only to investigate ourselves, but also with other forces to assist and advance these efforts.”


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